Yogi Puts ‘Gaus’ and Statues First and Humans Last.


Ancient wisdom says when a person’s ruin is impending he thinks in a foolish manner (Vinashakaale Vipareeta Buddhi). Some of the moves the BJP has been making for some time now give an impression that they are well on their way to commit a ‘hara-kiri’. Many political pundits say that the road to Delhi passes through Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh, being the most populous state, sends the maximum number of members to the parliament. In such a crucial state they installed a so-called ‘Yogi’, who is known for his loud-mouthed ravings, as the Chief Minister.

Ever since he took over the reins, the state has been constantly in the news mostly for the wrong reasons. In his excessive preoccupation with ‘Gauraksha’, he ignored the human lives in ‘Gaurakh’pur government hospital, and as a result, scores of children of poor parents (who are incidentally non-Gaus, and therefore, humans) suffocated to death due to lack of oxygen. He appears to have forgotten the fact that as a CM his first and foremost responsibility is towards the people, especially the poor and the downtrodden, who need the assistance of the government. He failed to protect the Dalits who have been under seize from the cow vigilantes run by the caste Hindus. He failed to provide succor to the poor when they needed medical help. This is the worst kind of failure on the part of the Yogi’s government.
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Now the far worse thing he and his cronies are planning to do is to construct a large statue of Lord Ram on the banks of river Sarayu, in the name of tourism promotion. They are gearing themselves up to splurge crores of rupees of tax payer’s money on the futile exercise of constructing a giant statue of Lord Ram. And they want to do this in the name of promoting tourism. If they are really interested in promoting tourism they would not have ignored the iconic Taj Mahal and removed it from a tourism booklet they published recently. Putting ‘Gaus’ and idols first and humans last appear to be the strategy adopted by the Yogi. This, however, is not surprising at all. When saffron clad clerics become rulers this is what exactly happens. They don’t have human welfare on their priority list. As they are obsessed with ‘Gaus’ and idols they are instinctively drawn towards them. Now, what will the deceived humans do to the ‘Yogi’ in the next elections? If they also put ‘Gaus’ and statues first and their bread and butter issues last, the Yogi will be able to successfully pave the way for Modi’s second term. Otherwise, he will definitely end up upsetting BJP’s applecart in the next general elections.

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