Yes, He Used The Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’


If there is one world leader who has the courage to consign political correctness to the dustbin and speak the truth, he is Donald Trump.

At the Howdy Modi event, he did not mince words when he said, “committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of Radical Islamic terrorism”. These days many politicians and media organizations refuse to use the term “Islamic terror” in their effort to sound politically correct. Many media organizations don’t even use the word “terrorists” and instead employ words such as gunmen and activists to refer to them. They are not even ready to hold terrorists responsible for the bloodthirsty terrorist attacks and instead blame the inanimate objects such as airplanes and firearms for the attacks. This is a highly unfortunate situation.

The New York Times blames inanimate objects for bloodthirsty Islamic terror attacks.

Why are we facing this peculiar situation? The people who are responsible for this phenomenon are communists. Communism, even after it got evicted from most of the countries, continue to be a dominant narrative in some institutions, especially the media organizations. Many so-called intellectuals, who subscribe to the left-wing ideology, have emerged as habitual terror apologists and prominent promoters of global Jihad. And these are the very people who indirectly support Islamic terror and try to demean and stigmatize those who denounce it by branding them as Islamophobes.

The NDTV, which is run by communists, terms ISIS terrorists as ‘activists’ and ‘workers’. NDTV is well known in India for its promotion of global Jihad.

They often say that terror has no religion. But they don’t have any qualms to use the words such as Buddhist terror, Hindu terror of Jewish terror when the victims of Islamic terror hit back in self-defense.

If the world wants to fight the enemy called Islamic terrorism, first it must be identified, and its nature should be understood and well-defined. Only then we can fight it. After all, no one can fight an imaginary enemy who is not clearly identified and defined. Therefore, the first step to fight the Islamic terror is to shed our reluctance to use the right terminology by consigning political correctness to the dustbin and speak the truth.

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