Islamists Go On a Beheading Spree


Now it has become an alarmingly regular trend to behead people who criticize Islam and its prophet. Whether it is the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists or Kamlesh Tiwari, the Islamic terrorists manifested mind-numbing cruelty. The latest in the series of such incidents is the beheading of Samuel Paty, a History teacher in Paris. An Islamic terrorist beheaded him by accusing him of showing Muhammad’s cartoons. All these beheadings reminded humankind of the bloodcurdling atrocities carried out by the ISIS terrorists.

There was an instantaneous outrage in France over the incident and the French government had rightly declared it an Islamic terrorist attack. At a time when the world is progressing at a breakneck speed adopting democracy and freedom of expression, the Islamists are finding it difficult to keep pace with the change due to their primitive ideas and ideology.

After the beheading of the teacher, the French society manifested remarkable unity in condemning the atrocity. Unlike in India, where Kamlesh Tiwari’s slaughter in the hands of Islamists went largely unnoticed, in France none other than the state head Immanuel Macron took to Twitter to pay homage to Samuel Patty. The French acted in defiance of the Islamist atrocity and even projected the Muhammad cartoons on a government building.

The Islamic terrorist who beheaded Samuel is a Chechen migrant. In India Islamists and Leftists are advocating for giving refuge to the dangerous Rohingyas. It is to be noted that India is already reeling under the flames of terror fuelled by the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims.

Macron, in a speech after the incident, did not mince words and made a very significant statement by saying ‘Islam is in crisis all over the world’. We couldn’t agree more with him. The Jihadi outcry, mind-numbing cruelty in the name of religion, separatist and expansionist tendencies, and mushrooming Madrasas which are indoctrinating young minds clearly manifest the medieval tendencies in the Islamic world. When a crisis-ridden society goes down, it also causes a lot of damage to other societies. The world must take note of the crisis-ridden Islam and observe caution to minimize the damage to humanity.

Following the gory murder of the teacher, the French government decided to shut down a Paris Mosque, which was used as a launchpad by Islamists to raise a hate campaign against the teacher that eventually led to his gruesome killing.

The civilized society does not have any place for such incidents and the democratic world must come together to combat the primitive forces to safeguard freedom of expression. If such incidents are ignored or tolerated, they would engulf the entire world, and may even result in the mother earth getting degenerated into a Sharia zone. Therefore, all the right-thinking people must raise their voices against the grossly cruel and utterly intolerant behavior of Islamists.

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Online Journalist
9 months ago

Good article. We should all condemn terrorism in one voice. Terrorists and those who back terrorists must be isolated.