Who We Are

Pensive Webizen is a citizen journalism site that provides a platform for aspiring reporters and writers. Many of us are great thinkers and we generate a lot of original ideas in our fertile minds. We have an innate and passionate desire to share our thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Many of us, to reach out to our fellow citizens with our ideas and thoughts, keep searching for a good platform to publish our articles. However, many times we feel frustrated for not being able to get published.

The mainstream media (MSM) provides space only to established opinion-makers and thinkers. These thinkers and opinion-makers ruled the roost till some years ago when the print and electronic media was going strong. The advent of digital media has put an end to the hegemony of print and electronic media. The digital media has democratized the way we consume news and opinions by giving an opportunity even to the commoners to express their views.

With the wide availability of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, personal computers, and access to the internet, people are exploring new opportunities in the field of journalism, and as a result, citizen journalism is gaining popularity.

Pensive Webizen is a non-profit initiative that is intended to provide a platform for young and emerging thinkers to express their new and innovative thoughts for the betterment of society.

Freedom of expression strengthens the democratic process and empowers the people to participate in democratic debate on a wide variety of issues confronting the society. It also enables people to put across their innovative ideas to enrich existing knowledge. Our platform provides you with an opportunity to freely express your thoughts that can contribute to the enrichment of current knowledge and ongoing debate. This platform also enables you to reach out to a wider section of society and establish yourself as a thinker and debater.

As this is a purely non-profit initiative, we are not in a position to give any remuneration to our writers. The article will be published in your name along with your bio. And, we will be sharing your article on our social media platforms to give it wider publicity. If you are a blogger and want an incoming link, we are ready to provide you with it.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to give voice to the voiceless by providing a platform for ordinary people to express themselves. And, by doing so, we want to make a contribution to strengthening democratic debate.