How to whether the toxic storm cooked up by Pakistan in Kashmir?


Kashmir has once again started burning. The unceasing unrest in one of the most beautiful places in the world has resulted in a deterioration of the already strained relations between the two Asian neighbors, namely, India and Pakistan. Considering the adverse impact the tensions may have on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China may also get dragged into the conflict making it into a trilateral one.

Pakistan, along with Saudi Arabia, is at the vanguard of executing the Wahhabi Islam’s cherished project to take the entire humanity back to Stone Age. It has consciously and carefully nurtured radical Islam, which mushroomed into innumerable terror organizations. It appears that Islamist terror is a large scale and the only industry that is thriving in Pakistan. Almost all the countries are very well aware of the fact that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism though many of them hesitate to accept it publicly for strategic reasons.

What we are actually finding in Kashmir is a spillover of the radical Wahhabi Islam that has been flourishing all over the world, especially in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Long ago Kashmir had a noble way of life called ‘Kashmiriyat’ which bonded together different religions, cultures and ethnicities. Slowly that cultural identity, which preserved harmony among people for centuries, had degenerated into religious nationalism triggering unrest and suspicion among the people. With the advent of the ultra-conservative Wahhabism the situation worsened and all the Kashmiri Pundit families, who were an inalienable part of ‘Kashmiriyat’ were driven away brutally from their homeland. The current unrest in Kashmir has nothing to do with ‘Kashmiriyat’ nor it has anything to do with the so-called Kashmiri nationalism. It has everything to do with the radical Islam, which is spreading its tentacles all over the world. It is largely aided and abetted by Pakistan. The pernicious role played by the Saudi oil money is perceptible in the form of Wahhabi mosques and madrassas, where the indoctrination of the young is happening continuously. The toxic storm that is gathering strength in Kashmir poses a grave threat not only to India but to the entire world.

Many people equate the stone pelting mobs with freedom fighters. But the moot question is, they are struggling for freedom from what? Freedom from democracy, secularism, and liberalism? After acquiring freedom from India what will they do? Will they embrace the Wahhabi school of thought which is determined to push the entire humanity into a sea of chaos? After India acquired independence from British rule some Muslim leaders demanded a separate nation for Muslims and secured one. Today what is the position of that Muslim nation? It got disintegrated into two nations and it has also transformed itself into an epicenter of terror with unceasing violence snuffing out innocent lives on almost daily basis. Therefore, it is the responsibility of not only India but also the world community to prevent Kashmir from following the footsteps of Pakistan.

Now, what are the options that are available for India to combat Pakistan? A war is certainly not an option. Because, India, a country of more than one billion people, have a lot at stake. We have a flourishing economy and we all look forward to a prosperous future for our children. And we do not want to offer the precious lives of our soldiers to the resultant holocaust. On the other hand, Pakistan, which is a state sponsor of terrorism and has scant regard for human lives, does not have anything to lose. Moreover, Pakistan, whose economy is in shambles, is not in a position to afford a conventional war. When pushed to a wall it may resort to using nuclear weapons, which may cause collateral damage to Indian lives and property. One more reason which makes India hesitate to go for a war against the rogue nation is, it has proved time and again that it is a democracy only for namesake and the so-called elected government is only subservient to the interests of its rogue army, which stays busy with its terror project. The situation could be compared to a conflict situation between a civilized man and a street ruffian. The street ruffian, who has nothing at stake, is always in an advantageous position and has everything to gain from the potential conflict. Therefore, the hotheads in India, who use belligerent language and indulge in saber-rattling, should tone down their rhetoric and think coolly.

The best way to tackle the menace of Pakistan is to make it bleed from inside. Pakistan, though formed as an Islamic theocracy, utterly failed to keep itself united on the basis of Islam. It lost Bangladesh and it is finding it difficult to deal with the freedom movement in Baluchistan. It promoted the ethnic cleansing of all its minorities, including Hindus and Sikhs. The entire world, except China and the OIC countries, are feeling fed up with Pakistan’s actions. This is the right time for India to step up its propaganda offensive against Pakistan and isolate it in the international arena. It can also seriously explore the option of extending political and material support to the dissenters in Pakistan to force it to come to terms. India, as the first step towards that direction, could explore the option of granting asylum to Baloch leader, Brahamdagh Bugti.

Last but not least Indian society should also be mindful of some influential elements in the political and media circles inside India, which, from time to time, come up with pro-Pak activities and rhetoric. Their statements and activities will only strengthen Pakistan’s hands and will also have a profound demoralizing impact on our soldiers, who are protecting the borders in the most hostile and precarious conditions. The activities of these people are also an insult to the souls of our brave soldiers who martyred while performing their duties. These elements are very dangerous and when questioned they take refuge in their democratic right to dissent and freedom of speech. The irony is most of these people are left-leaning and the entire world knows about the kind of democracy, and the right to dissent that are practiced in the communist countries like China and North Korea.

To conclude, India should tread cautiously and judiciously to safeguard its people’s lives and its economic and geopolitical interests. This is not the time to compare ourselves with Pakistan, which is rushing with its belligerent and provocative actions and also issuing nuclear threats. As the saying goes, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And we should not rush in such haste lest we repent later.

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