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The Madrasa Menace


Madrasas are once again under the scanner. In the Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir three teachers of a Madrasa, an Islamic seminary, were arrested under Public Safety Act (PSA) after it came to light that thirteen students from the Madrasa joined radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

The Madrasas run by Islamist organizations in many countries, especially in counties like Pakistan and India, became breeding grounds of terrorism. It is to be noted that Darul Uloom Deoband, the infamous Madrasa based in India, serves as an ideological fountainhead of Islamic terrorist organizations in South Asia.

As per reports, these Madrasas teach Arabic and Koran and don’t teach any modern subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English. As a result, the children who receive their education from these religious seminaries become unemployable. And moreover, the clergymen (Maulvis) who run these Madrasas resort to radicalizing the children through brainwashing. The notorious Taliban (the so-called ‘students’) are products of scores of Madrasas in Pakistan. Pakistan is already suffering the impact of indoctrination that was carried out in its mushrooming Madrasas.

Therefore, the governments in India must stop funding the Islamic seminaries and they must be monitored by law enforcement agencies. Recently the Government of Assam took a commendable decision of withdrawing public funding to all the religious schools run by Islamist organizations. Even the other state governments should follow suit to control the menace of madrasas and the extremism fueled by them.

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