The Joy of Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Most of us, especially the city dwellers, find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. There are many reasons for this such as watching TV late into the night or odd working hours.

But if we can wake up early in the morning and hit the road for a morning walk, the experience will be really fulfilling. If you have a wooded area in your vicinity, walking through the woods would be an exhilarating experience. Cool breeze, lush greenery, and the sight of fellow morning walkers instantly energize us and bring serenity to our minds.

This is an age of stress and anxiety. Work-related stress and uncertainty about the future are causing a lot of anxiety. Walking for at least an hour every day helps us in releasing stress and anxiety and even enables us to escape the trap of sedentary lifestyle.

Experts say that an individual, in order to lead an active life, must at least take 10,000 steps in a day.

Most of us have the habit of using our vehicles especially our motorbikes even to travel short distances. If we can avoid using our motorbikes and use bicycles or go on foot, we can give ourselves plenty of exercise that keeps us active throughout the day.

And moreover, one of the most common problems people are facing these days is Vitamin D deficiency. The deficiency is even causing many mortalities among COVID patients. As we are all aware, the most important source of vitamin D is sunlight.

We need to get exposed to the sunlight every day for at least an hour. Instead of swallowing vitamin D supplements, we can go on a walk in the mornings. Exposing our body to sunlight empowers our bodies to make enough vitamin D naturally. We can wear shorts and half-sleeve shirts to expose at least 20 percent of the body to the sunlight.

Walking Gear:

Before you start cultivating the habit of walking, you must properly equip yourself.

Walking Shoes:

Walking shoes are the bare minimum requirement. Good walking shoes not only make your walks a joyful and comfortable experience but also enable you to walk for long distances. Shoes with a lot of cushions help you avoid injuries.

Fitness Tracker: When you walk, you want to measure the distance and the steps you take. Measuring gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Therefore, a good fitness tracker comes in handy in making your walks filled with achievement and satisfaction.

Sports Wear:

Good quality sportswear such as track shorts and T-shirts help you feel comfortable and expose enough of your body to sunlight.

Wireless Headphones:

Music on the move gives you the required josh and empowers you to walk faster and maintain agility. It even enables you to forget the strain of walking long distances. Good melodious music in the morning makes you feel serene and happy. Therefore, good quality wireless headphones or earphones go a long way in making your morning walks delightful and enjoyable.

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