Islamist Violence in Delhi


The illicit relationship between the leftists and the Islamists, which is prevalent across the world, is well known. In India, the journalists, and the people who claim themselves as intellectuals don’t leave any chance to promote Islamism and its global jihad. It is still inexplicable for many people how the Islamists, who are patently regressive with a stone-age mentality, and the liberals, who claim themselves progressive and ultra-modern, came together and moving hand in glove.

The riots in Delhi, which started after the fearmongers unleashed propaganda stating that Muslims will lose citizenship, snuffed out more than fifty lives, though not even a single Muslim lost his citizenship. The act, which is intended to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities in the neighboring Islamic theocracies, is termed as discriminatory and opposed by the left-wing forces and the jihadis.

The Left in India has a political axe to grind and waiting for an opportune moment to create problems for the Modi government. It is very much apparent that the Islamic theocracies such as Pakistan and Bangladesh are stone age societies where the draconian Sharia law is imposed on the minorities. The minorities are fleeing those countries for India to escape the unspeakable persecution. But the jihadis and their left-liberal patrons are opposing CAA as they don’t want the persecuted minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh to be given citizenship.

The left-liberals who have been waiting for an opportune moment to brew trouble, started a systematic disinformation campaign inciting the Jihadi mobs to take to streets and indulge in violence.

The jihadi mobs pelted stones, set fire to public and private properties, killed people, blocked roads, raised anti-India and anti-Hindu slogans, lynched the scribes who are opposed to their jihadist uprising, and murdered police and intelligence officials. By doing all these atrocities they wanted to attract international attention with the express intention to bring disrepute to India. Through all these activities they wanted to destabilize the government and sow the seeds for another partition.

In the aftermath of the Delhi violence, the police arrested a couple with links to the Islamic State’s Khorasan module for instigating anti-CAA violence in the national capital. Also, there are reports suggesting that some Islamist terror organizations such as the Popular Front of India (PFI) were actively involved in orchestrating the riots. Jihadists such as Tahir Hussain and Amanathullah Khan, who are part of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), were either directly involved or incited mobs in the Delhi riots.

The Islamist mobs who took to streets and indulged in violence and their handlers in the media houses and political parties are responsible for the mayhem that unfolded on the streets of Delhi. The Islamic no-go zone at Shaheen Bagh, though lost most of its steam, still continues its blockade.

The left-dominated International media houses such as the New York Times and the Washington Post deliberately vilified India by giving space to so-called journos such as Rana Ayyub and Barkha Dutt, who nurse pathological hatred for Hindus and don’t leave any opportunity to spew venom against India. These journos are penning anti-India, anti-Hindu filth to vilify India and Hindus in the international arena. The Wall Street Journal even peddled the fake news stating that the IB officer Ankit Sharma’s killers shouted “Jai Shri Ram”.

The incendiary speeches delivered by political leaders and social activists such as Varis Pathan, Asaduddin Owaisi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Harsh Mander, and the provocative tweets made by numerous jihadi journos were completely ignored and the mainstream media tried to pin all the blame on Kapil Mishra, who merely wanted the Delhi streets to be cleared for traffic.

The Delhi violence, perpetrated by the jihadi mobs, should be an eye-opener for all the people. If they ignore the pernicious plans of the jihadists, the Islamic no-go zones and riots may spread all across the country paralyzing the society and economy, leading to the eventual blood bath and another partition.

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