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Pulse Oximeter: Essential Tool During COVID

Normally, we get to see a pulse oximeter when we visit a pulmonologist and we wonder what that small machine is. And, we even...

Three Faces of Family and Harmony

Unless the families develop proper coping mechanisms, the Corona pandemic may lead to a disruption in family life. The coping mechanism will involve organizing your home and time, with a good dose of positive attitude. Corona Virus may affect the health of nations but it should never be allowed to wreck the fabric of family life.

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Koya Tribe and Their Culture

Koya language is a dialect of one of the main Dravidian languages ‘Gondi’. Gondi is widely spoken in many areas in the states of Andhra...

Is Sufism Really Tolerant and Liberal?

Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a popular Sufi cleric in Pakistan, who led the protests against any dilution of Pakistan’s inhuman blasphemy laws, passed away recently...

Ominous Signs Emerge from Farmers’ Protests

Reforms are inevitable in any sector and old systems must pave the way for the new. The three farm laws are intended to break the shackles of the farmers and release them from the clutches of exploitative middlemen.

My Festival Is Not Your Awareness Campaign

There are many people, especially celebrities, who use Hindu festivals to launch their social media awareness campaigns on various issues just to promote themselves....