Signs of Economic Recovery Bring Hope


The world, after reeling under the Chinese Virus pandemic for almost one year, appears to be limping back to normalcy. Though the virus continues to spread, its virulence appears to have diminished and it certainly seems to be causing relatively less damage now.

After a prolonged lockdown, the government has put the country through a phased unlocking process, which enabled the people to venture out and resume their daily lives. The businesses opened, public transportation restarted, and production facilities resumed their operations. The footfall in the shopping malls started increasing slowly and they are once again bustling with activity.

With the festive season around the corner, we can expect the economic activity to pick up the pace. With the gradual opening of the economy, we can certainly expect some sort of revival in the economic indicators. There are already signs of an increase in manufacturing activity and growth in tax collection.

It seems that the people who ignored the pandemic and spoke like seasoned economists to heap abuse on the Modi government for ‘mismanaging’ the economy are slowly running out of arsenal to continue their attacks.

With the economy kickstarting, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The migrant workers, who returned to their native villages after the imposition of the lockdown, are going back to work. The people who lost jobs are in search of new opportunities and the employees who have been facing the threat of layoffs are slowly gaining confidence that the revival of economic fortunes may save their jobs.

Finally, it appears that humanity may be able to sail through the crisis created by the Chinese Virus pandemic with less damage than what many observers had predicted. But the threat hasn’t yet fully passed, and the fears of a second wave of the pandemic are looming large. Therefore, we must move forward with optimism by taking all the precautions to ward off any further spread of the virus.

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