Sangi Reddy, An Unsung Hero of Freedom Struggle


My maternal grandfather, Settipalli Sangi Reddy, was a freedom fighter, who actively participated in the Quit India Movement against the British. Though I never saw him (he passed away even before my parents got married), I heard a lot about him through my parents.

He was a resident of Alluru, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, and was the son of Narsa Reddy, a farmer.

My mother would frequently reminisce about her father and his participation in the Indian independence movement. She would narrate in vivid detail how he would be out for weeks and sometimes even for months organizing nationalist activities. She would even lament by saying that he was jailed twice, and his health deteriorated while being in jail.

Though my mother enthusiastically narrated my grandpa’s story many times before, I would silently listen to her. But a couple of years ago, out of curiosity, I googled his name and found some lines about him in the book titled “Who Is Who of Freedom Struggle in Andhra Pradesh” Vol-Two, published by Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs; Government of Andhra Pradesh.

I found the above information from the book “Who Is Who of Freedom Struggle in Andhra Pradesh”.

There is a full paragraph dedicated to his life, which stated that he was sentenced to one year of rigorous imprisonment for participating in the Quit India Movement. The sentence was set aside around six months later, during which he was lodged in Alipuram Camp Jail. Even after India gained independence, he continued his fight against the repressive Nizam’s regime and its efforts to carve a theocratic state in the middle of India, by mobilizing people as part of ‘Join Indian Union Movement’. For that, he was awarded another jail term for three years. They even imposed a fine of Rs. 700 (Rs. 700 was a big amount in those days). He passed away after getting released due to multiple ailments he developed while serving prison sentences.

I feel proud of my grandfather and the sacrifices he made during the Quit India Movement and later the Join Indian Union Movement. His life was fruitful as he left his footprints in the sand of time and secured some lines for himself in history.

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