SC Verdict Paves Way For Ram Temple


November 9, 2019 is a historic day for the Hindu society. It is the day when their rights over their most important pilgrimage place are restored. After a long and protracted legal battle, the Supreme Court delivered its verdict in favor of Hindus and paved way for the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. Muslims will be allotted land somewhere else to construct a Mosque.

Muslims have a Grand Mosque in Macca, Christians have the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem but Hindus did not have their shrine till now in their most important pilgrimage place. They have been offering prayers in a makeshift structure.

The verdict delivered by the Supreme Court made Hindus happy. It is a historic fact that innumerable temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders and they built mosques on the ruins of the temples. The now rebuilt Somnath temple and even the Gyan Wapi Mosque in Kashi stand testimony for the atrocities of the Islamists. Even in the case of Ayodhya, the archaeological evidence pointed to the fact that the mosque was constructed after razing a Hindu structure.

Now the Muslim leaders such as the Maulvis of AIMPLB and the politicians of AIMIM refuse to accept the court verdict. This is a time for introspection for the entire Muslim community. They should realize the fact that their clergy and politicians are driving their community towards disaster.

The Muslim community is already facing a socio-economic crisis of their own making. The innumerable and ever-proliferating Madrasas deprived the Muslim children of the benefits of modern education and the ultra-conservative Muslim clergy, by radicalizing the Muslim youth and instigating them to resort to violence, are causing the widespread Islamophobia among the followers of the other religions.

As a result of the widespread radicalization, not only the ordinary Muslims but even the highly educated Muslim elite often set themselves at loggerheads with the followers of other faiths. This is forcing people to take a negative view of Islam and Muslims.

Even on the day of the verdict, many well-known rabid Islamists sent provocative and inflammatory tweets to instigate Muslims to indulge in violence. The leftists who gained notoriety for promoting Islamism, are trying to do the same.

For example, the notorious and rabid Islamist Rana Ayyub, who has the history of authoring books with fake and fictitious narratives posted provocative and inflammatory tweets just before the verdict.

And the Naxalites also rallied behind the Islamists by sending provocative tweets.

These responses are a reflection of the Leftist-Islamist nexus and how the Jihadis are taking cover behind the Communists. Therefore, people should understand the evil designs of the leftists and Islamists and stay ever ready to thwart their efforts to destabilize the country.

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