Saudi Arabia, the Mother of Islamist Terror.


It is an open secret that Saudi Arabia is the mother of the apocalyptic Islamist terror that is spreading like a wildfire throughout the world. The 28 classified pages,  which were part of a US Senate intelligence committee report, have once again put the spotlight on Saudi Arabia and its terror financing.

September 11 attacks came as a rude awakening to the big brother, the United States. The attacks had cut short nearly 3,000 American lives and made the majestic WTC towers vanish from the Manhattan skyline. A nation, which always believed that the lives of its citizens are not expendable, had to watch helplessly its sons and daughters leaping to their deaths from the towers.  Till then the US would pontificate its fellow democracies like India to enter into negotiations with countries like Pakistan which sponsor cross-border terrorism. Till then the people of the third world countries look up the US in awe and would think that the country is not only infallible but also impregnable. However, 9/11 changed everything and from then onwards an irreversible deterioration began in the American nation and it continues unabated.

George W. Bush, the then US president, announced a ‘Crusade’ against the ‘Jihadis’ and ordered the carpet bombing of the counties which he believed to be responsible for the 9/11 crime. Thousands perished in the reprisal attacks launched by the US. However, the things that started coming to light slowly suggest that Bush ignored the real culprits, who happened to be his thick friends, and paid too much attention elsewhere.

After the September 11 terror attacks which extinguished nearly 3,000 American lives, a Senate enquiry committee was formed, which was officially named as “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001”. The committee submitted its report in 2002. The report has 832 pages. However, 28 pages from the report have been classified and stored securely in a basement room of the US Capitol building. Now the content of those 28 pages has become a mystery. Many Americans, especially the near and dear ones of the 9/11 victims are demanding vociferously to declassify the 28 pages so that the people can know who actually aided and abetted the terrorists in committing the heinous crime. However, the US government, under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, is not ready to declassify them for obvious reasons.

Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says that he believes support for the hijackers came from the government, wealthy people and ‘charities’ in Saudi Arabia.

Congressman Thomas Massie described the 28 pages as “shocking” and said, “I had to stop every couple pages and…try to rearrange my understanding of history. It challenges you to rethink everything.”

So the finger of suspicion points towards Saudi Arabia, and it is clear that America wants to conceal some facts so that it can continue its unholy and self-defeating alliance with a state that compulsively promotes Islamist terror all over the world. The specialty of Saudi Arabia is it feels that it can finance the Wahhabi Islam which breeds and radiates terror all across the world, and at the same time engage itself in a phoney war on terror to deceive the world community, especially the United States. The US politicians who are gung-ho about their so-called strong bilateral relationship with Saudi Arabia, are ready to go to any extent to conceal the terror financing of their strategic partner.

Saudi Arabia’s export of Wahhabi Islam:

Saudi Arabia is a very influential Arab nation, native to the two holiest sites in Islam –Mecca and Medina. With its authoritarian family rule and draconian ‘Sharia’ law, it holds the “worst of the worst” human rights record in the world. An overwhelming majority of Muslims who reside in Saudi Arabia are Sunnis and practice highly intolerant ‘Wahhabism’, which is considered to be an embodiment of bigotry. However, the people of Saudi Arabia, who practice ‘Wahhabism’ refuse to be called as ‘Wahhabis’ and claim themselves to be ‘Salafis’. They say that ‘Salafism’ is the purest form of Islam and take pride in practicing it.

For many of us, the moment we hear about Saudi Arabia the first thing that comes to our mind is public beheadings that are carried out in that country.

Saudi Arabia, although a desert, is endowed with vast crude oil reserves and its economy is overwhelmingly dependent on oil money with no economic diversification at all. They face acute shortage of skilled labour and import it from many other countries, including India. They also import virtually everything from other countries.

However, Saudi Arabia is well known for exporting three things-oil, dates and Islamist terror. Behind every explosion triggered by Islamists that cuts short innocent lives, there is Saudi money. 15 of the 19 terrorists who carried out the September 11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia.

1979 was the turning point in the history of Saudi Arabia.

If you delve deep into the history of Saudi Arabia and why it compulsively aids and abets Islamist terror, you will come to know that 1979 was the turning point in its history. In that year, a highly unexpected event took place in Saudi Arabia, which took the entire Islamic world by storm. Radical Sunni clerics felt that the Saudi royal family, under the influence of the west, was taking steps towards modernity which was resulting in the contamination of Islam. The radical clerics, with an intention to dethrone the royal family, aided and abetted armed terrorists to intrude into the Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram). The royal family was alarmed by the sudden development. Fearing that they may lose their entitlement to rule the country, they struck a deal with the radical clerics.

They, as per the deal, reversed may progressive decisions taken previously and also promised that they would fund the promotion of the radical Wahhabi form of Islam all over the world as long as the terrorists keep off the Saudi soil. From then onwards they kept implementing their pernicious plan to export radical Wahhabi Islam by pumping a large part of the oil money for the purpose. That is the reason why Islamists resort to violence all across the world but desist from triggering bomb explosions in Saudi Arabia so that it remains an island of peace and prosperity even while the rest of the world goes up in flames, giving the Saudi royal family a peaceful kingdom to rule on.

Terror funding in the name of ‘charity’- Saudi way.

Most of the Saudi terror funding happens in the name of ‘charity’. It funds the construction of mosques, madrassas and Sunni cultural centers, where radical clerics indoctrinate and radicalize people, especially children. They teach the children that it is their sacred duty to kill the Kafirs (infidels) to uphold and strengthen Islam. The mosques and madrassas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, financed by Saudi Arabia, have been breeding terrorist organizations like Mujahideen, Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Even the ISIS, the obnoxious terror organization which buried the humanity at 6 ft deep, is also influenced by the puritanical Wahhabi Islam, which is an offspring of Saudi Arabia.


The United States boasts of fighting a war against terror. However, it is hand in glove with countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, which parent all the Islamist terror. It showers unending love on Saudis and considers them as its strategic partners. It also extends massive financial aid and supplies sophisticated weapons to Pakistan. So America is not actually waging a war on terror. By supporting the rogue nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan it has actually become a part of the terror network. The US is not going to win its so-called war on terror. With its Saudi obsession and soft corner for Pakistan, it is only going to bring unending misery upon itself and the rest of the world.

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