Who Triggered Rohingya Crisis? Myanmar or Islamists?


Rohingya refugee crisis is consistently hitting the headlines of late. Rohingyas are a community of Bengali speaking Muslims who have been living in Myanmar’s Rakhine state for a long time. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, and as many other countries, it is also facing the threat of Islamic terrorism. The Islamists are waging a bloody insurgency to carve a separate Muslim state out of Myanmar.

The Rohingya Muslim terrorists, in the month of August, launched well-coordinated attacks on police stations and killed around a dozen policemen and also killed many Hindu and Buddhist civilians. According to news reports, the violence unleashed by the Rohingya terrorists had cut short the lives of around hundred people. The police and military launched a massive retaliatory campaign against the terrorists and scores of civilians appear to have caught in the crossfire, which is resulting in the displacement of lakhs of Rohingya Muslims. This exodus made the already poverty-stricken Rohingyas lead squalid lives in refugee camps. The international aid agencies are making appeals to the world community to extend a helping hand to Rohingyas. However, not many countries are willing to take them. The most important reason appears to be that these Rohingyas are all Muslims.

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Many nations appear to feel that Muslims are not amenable to peaceful coexistence with other religious communities though they don’t publicly admit to it. There is also a widespread feeling that Muslims are prone to be easily radicalized and recruited by terrorist organizations. All these fears are making the countries in Asia very apprehensive of Rohingyas and are reluctant to let them in. Even the Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are not ready to take the Rohingyas and instead they ask other nations to invite them into their countries. If we have a close look at the Islamic world, most of the Muslim countries have slipped into chaos and very few of them are enjoying relative peace. The Muslim nations, when a crisis situation arises, close doors for their fellow Muslims and start playing victimhood with a sinister intention to add fuel to the flames of Islamist terror all across the world.

Throughout the world, the radical Islamists are popularizing the pan-Islamist concept of ‘Ummah’. They are on a mission to unite the Muslims all over the world with an intention to use them to Islamize the non-Muslim societies. The mushrooming Islamic terror organizations are provoking Muslims everywhere, triggering the flames of separatism among them. The wealthy Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia are funding these terror organizations. The brainwashing and weapons training are done in Pakistan, the motherland of all terror. Ata Ullah, the leader of Islamist terror organization called ‘Harakah al-Yakin’, which triggered the current spate of violence in Myanmar, was born in Pakistan and even underwent terror training in it. It is all happening in the name of ‘Ummah’ and establishing a ‘Caliphate’.

Many Muslim organizations are carrying out protest demonstrations against the repression of Rohingyas. But they conveniently ignore the fact that raising ultra-conservatism among Muslims, their inherent inability to peacefully co-exist with non-Islamic societies and the violence unleashed by a Rohingya terrorist organization called ‘Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army’ aka ‘Harakah al-Yakin’ are to a great extent the root causes of the present crisis. It has become a fashion for the Islamic clerics to call every insurgent as a ‘mujahideen’ and claim that they are waging a ‘Jihad’. But they must also realize the fact that ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’ and no country keeps quiet when its unity and sovereignty are challenged. The Muslim clergy’s infatuation with ‘Ummah’ and their ‘Jihadi’ outcry are causing many problems. However, Muslims are not able to come out of the grip of their narrow-minded clergy.

The international community’s reaction to the Rohingya crisis is not balanced and appears to be largely biased. It seems that the international community is merely trying to be politically correct. The sorry plight of Rohingya Muslims is indeed a cause for concern but at the same time, the world community has miserably failed in condemning the Islamic separatism and terrorism that has been spreading in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The world community has not been doing enough to curb the spread of ultra-conservative and pan-Islamic sentiments, which have reached epidemic proportions. Its reluctance to take affirmative action against Islamist terror has emboldened the Muslim clergy to radicalize the Muslim youths with impunity.

The time has come for the Muslim world to come out of the tight grip of the ultra-conservative clergy and move towards prosperity in the path of modernity. Obsession with religion and Jihadist outcry will only push this world further into chaos. Most of the nations in the contemporary world are facing the dual problems of overpopulation and limited resources. Taking refugees will only impose an additional burden on them. And moreover, the kind of dramatic spike in terror attacks the Europe has been witnessing after the refugee influx from some failed Islamic nations has made most of the countries increasingly vary of Muslims refugees. The Muslim community, especially its clergy, must realize the fact that this world is not only for Muslims and they have to cultivate the habit of peaceful coexistence with all other religious communities.

There are many people who are criticising the Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, of not doing anything to protect the Rohingya Muslims and even demanded that she be stripped of her Nobel Peace Prize. This kind of statements reflect the sheer ignorance of the people who make them. They can’t expect Suu Kyi to put her nation’s security at peril just to safeguard her Nobel Prize. Despite the volley of contemptuous statements against her that are replete with ignorance, her reputation as a strong proponent of peace will last forever.

Last but not least, people who never uttered even a single word condemning the Islamist terror are now hitting the streets to speak for Rohingya Muslims. Had they been vocal enough in condemning the unceasing terror, had they been ferocious enough in abhorring the unending violence that is being perpetrated against humanity in the name of religion, things would not have reached this sorry state and lakhs of Rohingyas who have been fleeing Myanmar and living in squalid conditions in refugee camps would have been saved from the agony.

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