The Rakti-filled Godmen and their Fake Bhakti Preachings.


It appears that human lives ceased to have any value in India. In Gorakhpur, more than 60 children got suffocated to death after they were deprived of Oxygen in a government hospital. Two back-to-back train derailments killed around 25 people. And now, in the aftermath of a court convicting a rapist godman, many of the cities in North India bore the brunt of the godman’s goons, who went on a rampage resulting in a trail of death and destruction.

There is no dearth of self-styled godman in India, and the people, by frequenting their so-called ashrams and prostrating before them, lend credence to their histrionics. Chandra Swamy, Sant Rampal, Asaram, Nityananda, Premananda, Swami Sadachari, Ichchadhari Maharaj, Gnyanachaitanya, Gurmeet Ram Rahim… the tradition continues. Most of them are involved in sex scandals. They all enjoyed strong political patronage and even the people who are in the high echelons visit them and prostrate before them. People, educated and illiterates alike, are becoming their blind followers. These godmen, though they teach ‘Bhakti’ to their followers, prefer to immerse themselves in soulful ‘Rakti’. They accumulate enormous wealth, have innumerable followers and wield a lot of political influence.

The Sirsa-based godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim is accused of sexually exploiting some minor Sadhvis in his Ashram in 2002. After 15 years, the court convicted him of rape and will be sentencing him on 28th of August. This Godman, though he is like any other godmen in India, has some unique characteristics. He appears in glittering costumes and even made a couple of movies.

The rapist godman, as per the latest news reports, has a harem in his so-called Ashram in Sirsa. Reports even state that he is actually a sexual predator in the garb of a spiritual guru preying on his female followers. He even got many of his male followers castrated to guard his harem. Two people, who tried to spill the beans about his atrocities, one of them a scribe, were murdered. What is being reported now about him might well be the tip of the iceberg. Now that he is arrested and put behind bars, many skeletons are likely to tumble out of his closet.
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The incumbent BJP government in Haryana came to power with the active support of this godman and it appears that the government has returned the favor by allowing his large number of followers to gather in some of the major cities in Haryana, in spite of the fact that Sec 144 was imposed in these cities. The Haryana high court repeatedly alerted the government of the impending violence and asked it to take effective measures to preempt the violence and destruction. But the Haryana government, led by M L Khattar once again proved its incompetence in maintaining law and order. It failed even during the Jat agitation, when large scale violence, vandalism, and rapes took place.

It has become a habit for the right wing political parties and organizations to blindly defend godmen even after they are convicted of various crimes. One of the BJP’s loud-mouthed MPs, Sakshi Maharaj, has certified Gurmeet Ram Rahim as a noble soul even while the large scale death and destruction was taking place in his name on the streets of Haryana and other parts of North India.

Now is the time for the people of India to shed their blind faith and cultivate a bit of rational outlook. They should even give up their bad habit of frequenting godmen regularly and prostrating before them, which will invariably lend credence to their evil deeds. Otherwise, many more godmen will emerge inflicting rapes, molestations, death, and destruction in the country.

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