Rajdeep Sardesai: A Serial Fake News Peddler

Though Rajdeep Sardesai was caught red-handed peddling fake news on innumerable occasions, he went largely scot-free, which perhaps enabled him to grow audacious.


Rajdeep Sardesai is a well-known figure in the Indian media industry. He is also a famous detractor of Prime Minister Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). And, he never hides his affinity to the Nehru-Vadra dynasty that owns the Congress Party. Blinded by his pathological hatred of Modi, he never loses an opportunity to spin a narrative against him despite repeated failures to achieve the intended result. His overenthusiasm to peddle falsehood against Prime Minister Modi discredited him to a great extent.

Though he was caught red-handed peddling fake news on innumerable occasions, he went largely scot-free, which perhaps enabled him to continue spreading falsehood with shameless audacity.

But his latest fake news misadventure seems to have badly boomeranged on him. At a time when the Khalistanis and other lumpen elements, in the garb of farmers, were going on a rampage assaulting police and vandalizing the public property, Rajdeep made a sinister attempt to add fuel to the fire by peddling a piece of fake news.

He tweeted by saying that a farmer, who was shot at by the police, lost his life. He even stated that the farmers were infuriated by the firing, and the fury resulted in the violence that occurred on January 26th. He not only tweeted the fake news but even went on live television to spread it all across.

The news, however, was proved to be false. The victim died of injuries he suffered when his tractor turned turtle while he was attempting to break the police barricades. The CCTV footage clearly showed how the unfortunate incident happened, and even the postmortem report confirmed that no bullet injuries were found on the body of the victim.

After being caught red-handed, Rajdeep deleted his tweet and tried to cover up his yet another failed attempt to spread falsehood by trying to divert the people’s attention. But the social media users were quick to point out his misdeeds.

As per news reports, his employer, India Today television, suspended him for two weeks and even imposed a one-month pay cut as a disciplinary action for his misdeed. Even a case was registered against him, accusing him of spreading falsehood with an evil intention to stoke unrest.

Though Rajdeep is a well-known serial fake news peddler, there are many other journos in the media industry who depend on falsehood to further their journalistic careers, and people have to be wary of all of them.

Unfortunately for them, social media exposes them in no time and does not allow them to peddle falsehood easily. Had there not been social media, they would have done it with impunity.

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