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Attempts to revive Khalistan Movement

The so-called farmers’ agitation has been going on for more than two months. During the tractor parade, the ‘peaceful’ protesters turned into rioters to...



Signs of Economic Recovery Bring Hope

The world, after reeling under the Chinese Virus pandemic for almost one year, appears to be limping back to normalcy. Though the virus continues...

Congress Exonerates Chinese Virus for Economic Downturn

These days all and sundry are speaking like seasoned economists. They say the economy is in doldrums, and as usual, hold ‘Modi’ responsible.

Economic Questions I Couldn’t Find Answers To.

I always feel puzzled by what economists say. Many advocate capitalism and some, however, opine socialism is the best. If capitalism is best, why do we...


Is Sufism Really Tolerant and Liberal?

Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a popular Sufi cleric in Pakistan, who led the protests against any dilution of Pakistan’s inhuman blasphemy laws, passed away recently...

SC Verdict Paves Way For Ram Temple

November 9, 2019 is a historic day for the Hindu society. It is the day when their rights over their most important pilgrimage place...

Know The True Face Of Islamic Terror

“Terrorism has no religion” and “Islam is a religion of peace” are the statements we hear after each terror attack that snuffs out scores...

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Joe Biden’s Victory Gives Impetus to Leftists and Islamists

The Leftists and Islamofascists may sense an opportunity in Joe Biden's victory and may kickstart their atrocities with increased vigor. The authoritarian regime in Communist China may also get further emboldened to pursue its expansionist policies.

Islamists Go On a Beheading Spree

Now it has become an alarmingly regular trend to behead people who criticize Islam and its prophet. Whether it is the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists or Kamlesh Tiwari – the Islamic terrorists manifested mind-numbing cruelty.

Humanity Stares at Bleak Future Amid Pandemic

The Chinese Virus pushed humanity into a deep crisis. On the one hand, it generated a lot of anxiety among the people regarding their health, and on the other hand, it also triggered fears of loss of livelihoods.

Why Islamists Are Supporting China?

There are numerous reports in the media, almost on a daily basis, about China’s actions against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. Their mosques were destroyed, millions of them were detained and kept in concentration camps.

A Democrat in White House is Not Good for India

Though the left-leaning media is trying its best to paint a favorable picture for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Donald Trump is likely to retain office.


Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way we live and work.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the most discussed tech topic these days. Many technocrats predict that IoT, being a disruptive technology, is going to...

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The idea of beauty is not time-tested and is highly subjective.

As the proverb goes, ' beauty is only skin-deep'. Oxford dictionary defines the proverb as 'a pleasing appearance is not a guide to character'.  Even...

Why the state-funded education system in India is in shambles?

Every year thousands of well-qualified teachers are recruited by various state governments in India to expand the educational network. However, not much discussion takes place...


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