Our Style Guide

At Pensive Webizen, we receive many articles for publishing. However, we publish only a few. The main reason behind not being able to publish all are:

  1. Lack of originality
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Improper English
  4. Not editing the article properly

But you can minimize the rejection rate by putting your original thoughts to paper in good English and undertaking a thorough edit before submitting your write-up.

Ensure Originality: We publish only original thoughts that enrich our readers.

Avoid Plagiarism: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. While penning your article, please make sure that you don’t lift any content from any book or website. In case you want to borrow someone’s content, it must be properly acknowledged with a citation.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

There are many online plagiarism checkers that you can use to check whether your content is completely original or not. For example, the site Dupli Checker scans your text for signs of plagiarism and alerts you. The tool helps you to remove any signs of plagiarism and enables you to make your article completely original. There are many applications that scan your text for any signs of plagiarism

Use Proper English: The kind of English that you use while penning your thoughts must be reasonably good. It should preferably comply with standard English usage. There is an online tool called Paper Rater which allows you to check the quality of your articles. The tool alerts you to possible spelling and grammar errors and also provides you with feedback on vocabulary, style, and flow.

Edit, edit and edit: Editing is the most important part of writing, which many new writers ignore. And as a result, they leave numerous spelling and usage errors unattended, which is not a good practice. Therefore, it is extremely important to spend enough time to review your article many times and put it through many bouts of edits to give it a perfect or near-perfect shape. Any laxity in reviewing and properly editing your article will make it unfit for publishing, and therefore will be rejected.

We publish stories based on original reporting, and also opinion pieces.

In order to be eligible for getting published, an article must be at least 500 words long.

Your article must be well written and free from spelling and usage errors.

Your article must be well researched, and you must ensure that your write-up is free from factual errors and supported by available data wherever required.

As far as ideological leanings are concerned, Pensive Webizen is right-leaning and supports nationalism and Indic cultural ethos. That doesn’t mean we will not be publishing anything that doesn’t comply with the above ideas. Because we respect freedom of expression and don’t indulge in any agenda peddling.

We don’t accept any opinion pieces that are provocative and may harm the societal harmony. Therefore, please ensure that your articles don’t feature any inflammatory content. At the same time, you need not feel constrained or necessarily comply with the political correctness when you want to speak the truth.

Only high-quality articles that are well-researched and well written will be published. We aim to transform ourselves into the best citizen journalism platform that provides informative and enriching content for our readers.

When you upload an article, please make sure that you also upload a suitable image. While submitting your first article, please upload your mug shot image to be used as your profile picture. Also, make sure that you provide a short bio about yourself not exceeding fifty (50) words so that we can publish the information in your profile box.