Koo App Emerges as Challenger to Twitter


It is a well-known fact that twitter, a social media giant, has been behaving like a raging bull trampling upon the freedom of expression of nationalists and making deliberate attempts to promote the Left-Islamist narrative. Many twitter users have been waiting with a bated breath for the advent of an Indian alternative to the microblogging platform. It appears that their wait has finally come to an end.

The Koo app, which appeared on the Indian social media horizon, is currently making waves. The app is completely made in India. It got recognition from none other than the Prime Minister of India when he mentioned the app during one of his Mann Ki Baat programs. It even won the AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge organized by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

The advent of Koo app heralds a new era in India’s social media space. From now onwards, nationalists can freely express their views without any fear of censorship. The US-based multinationals can no longer dictate terms for us. And, most importantly, they can no longer impose their Left-Islamist propaganda material on us.

Twitter, after tasting massive success in throttling the voices of Conservatives in the United States, has pounced on India to replicate the same. It never hid its Leftist agenda and has enthusiastically been promoting all the handles of rabid leftists and Islamists, who have been waging a virtual war against the nation.

It is surprising to know that the social media company has the audacity to defy the order of the union government. Even after the government ordering it to shutdown the far-left, Islamist and Khalistan handles that are trying to stoke violence in the country during the tractor parade on Republic Day, the platform blatantly defied the government. Twitter must be reminded that it is operating in a sovereign country whose law is supreme and it can’t behave like another East India Company.

The government must tell Twitter in no uncertain terms that the SM platform must comply with its directives 100% if it wants to run its business in India. If the government fails to do that, Twitter will end up aiding the Left-Islamist combine in grabbing power in the next elections, which will prove to be disastrous for the future of the country.

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