Joe Biden’s Victory Gives Impetus to Leftists and Islamists


The presidential elections in the United States came to an end. Joe Biden, a Democrat, appears to be on the verge of a victory. In any democracy voice of the people is treated as the voice of God. Americans have pronounced their verdict and the leaders concerned will hopefully accept the verdict in a gracious manner.

In India, many political observers have already started analyzing the likely impact Joe Biden’s victory will have on the bilateral relations between India and the US. The people who are part of the Left-Islamist combine in India are celebrating the victory of the Democratic Party. Democrats have a history of supporting the Leftists and Islamofascists. They are ever eager to create problems for other countries especially India on the pretext of human rights violations in Kashmir and the so-called Hindu majoritarianism. Therefore, Joe Biden’s victory should certainly be a cause of concern for India.

The Leftists and Islamofascists may sense an opportunity in Joe Biden’s victory and may kickstart their atrocities with increased vigor. The authoritarian regime in Communist China may also get further emboldened to pursue its expansionist policies. All these things don’t augur well for India and the Indian government must formulate an effective strategy to counter the impending trouble from the new US administration.

During Donald Trump’s helm, India did not face much problem in maintaining normal bilateral ties with it. But the United States, under Joe Biden, may take an increasingly pro-Islamist and pro-Leftist stance, which will pave the way for more Islamic terror attacks and Leftist violence. A Democrat in the White House may prove to be a blessing in disguise to the rogue nations such as Pakistan and Turkey, which have been radiating Islamic terror all over the world.

The United States has almost lost its status as a world power and therefore should behave accordingly and must stop intervening in the internal affairs of other nations. They must also realize the fact that the US, which has been facing the accusations of treating its Blacks like animals, has no moral right to preach other nations on human rights. The killing of George Floyd and the riots that broke in the aftermath exposed the dark underbelly of the US and the shallowness of its human rights rhetoric. Therefore, India must not hesitate to show mirror to the US over its own poor human rights record if Joe Biden’s administration starts intervening in the internal affairs of India on the pretext of human rights and religious freedom.

Joe Biden’s White House entry may also energize the left-liberal gang and Islamists in India and they may take every internal matter to the US with an express intention to put the Modi-led union government in the dock. Therefore, India must gear itself up for possible trouble from both internal and external enemies.

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