JNU episode brings the rift in Indian media to the fore.


The JNU incident created a deep divide among Indians. People who have nationalist tendencies have strongly condemned the incident and the people who favor Communists and Jihadists have strongly supported the traitors in the name of freedom of expression.

If there is one institution that got intensely affected by the JNU crisis, it is the media. The incident brought to light the deep divisions within the media fraternity in a never-before manner, and their fight for one-upmanship became very much perceptible for everyone who follows the media industry closely. There are some newspapers and television channels which are working overtime in defending the JNU traitors. NDTV, Aaj Tak and ABP News are at the vanguard of this pro-JNU and anti-India propaganda. However, a section of the media like Times Now, Zee News and NewsX took a nationalist stance and completely exposed the traitors, for which they received appreciation from all the right thinking Indians.

When the JNU anti-India slogans came to light, some channels like NDTV did not even air the footage and tried their level best to conceal the incident.  Their extreme discomfort in discussing the issue was very much perceptible to all the media watchers, who closely follow and analyze their behavior. After the incident became an issue and the union government started its crackdown on the traitors, these channels were desperately trying to divert the attention from the JNU issue. After a bunch of hooligan lawyers, who were infuriated by the blatant and blood-boiling anti-India slogans, attacked some scribes at the Patiala House Court, they quickly latched on to the opportunity and made every effort to divert the attention from the JNU treachery on to the lawyer’s hooliganism. All the celeb journos took to the streets and tried to raise a hue and cry over the issue.

The actions of the lawyers can’t be condoned irrespective of the intensity of the provocation. however, the behavior of the journos was not consistent either. Most of the attacks that happen against the media occur in Uttar Pradesh. Jagendra Singh, a freelance journalist from UP,  was set ablaze by the goons sent by a minister in the Samajwadi Party government. His death did not cause any uproar just because the political party involved is considered to be ‘secular’ and the victim was a non-celeb journo from the Hindi media. So it is very clear that the celeb journos take to streets only when they want to set their agenda or manipulate the narrative in their favor.

They even tried to portray Kanhaiya Kumar, one of the main accused in the JNU sedition case,  as a boy from a poor family. Now they are even trying to save Umar Khalid, the main conspirator who organized the entire treacherous programme, by portraying him as an innocent Muslim. However, in spite of their best efforts, their hit-job did not succeed.

Channels like Times Now, Zee News, News X and India News took the lead in exposing the anti-national forces and kept the people of the country constantly and continuously updated. They even ran debates with political observers, condemning the traitorous sloganeering. They thoroughly exposed the Communists and the Islamists and the nefarious nexus between them.

Channels like NDTV, Aaj Tak, ABP News, and The Telegraph newspaper, which spend most of their time in supporting Communists and Islamists could not digest the good work of their rivals like Times Now and Zee News. What has bothered the Jihadophile channels the most was the very fact that their nationalist rivals started running away with the TRP ratings. The right thinking Indians, who felt disgusted with the anti-India sloganeering and the efforts to defend the traitors, tilted towards the channels like Times Now and Zee News. This was like rubbing salt into their wounds. So they had forgotten all their professional ethics and started launching personal attacks against their rivals.

There is a very important thing we the right thinking Indians must realize. The journos like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Rana Ayub always harp on freedom of expression. But they themselves are intolerant of freedom of expression. They want the entire media to gang up against the Indian state and support the JNU traitors. For many decades, Indian media behaved like a mercenary hired by the Congress Party. They concealed the truth and propagated the narratives that suit their nefarious agenda. When there is a change of heart in a section of the media, they are not able to digest the change and started mounting personal attacks against their rivals.

The main problem these channels are facing is their ever-dwindling TRP ratings. People fully understood their nefarious designs and rebuffed them completely. The latest prime-time viewership figures released by BARC clearly show that channels like NDTV have no other option but to close down. The latest figures make us feel surprised how the Jihadophile channels like NDTV are able to survive in spite of having minuscule viewership base. Now the moot question is who is financing these commercially unviable channels?

So the JNU incident brought about a welcome change in the Indian media industry, which is otherwise known for its mercenary like behavior to carry out a hit-job against certain political parties and ideologies. However, it appears that a section of the media has shed its bias and started thinking objectively. This change may prove to be beneficial to the nation in the long term.

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