Islamic terrorists kill Sikhs in Kabul

Islamic Terrorists Kill Sikhs


A group of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists attacked a Sikh shrine in Afghanistan and killed around twenty-five Sikh worshippers. The attack is yet another example of why the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), enacted by the Indian government, is very much needed to give citizenship to all the persecuted minorities of the neighboring Islamic theocracies such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. In these theocracies, all the minorities are treated as Kafirs (infidels). The Islamists feel that strengthening ‘Dar al-Islam’ and upholding ‘Sharia’ by eliminating Kafirs is their sacred duty.

Every time such a dreadful terror attack happens, many people, who claim themselves to be ‘moderate Muslims’, make some banal statements such as ‘we strongly condemn the attack’ and ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. But during other times they say, ‘There is neither radical Islam nor moderate Islam…Islam is one’. People all over the world, for inexplicable reasons, are failing to understand the true nature of Islamism and falling prey to it.

The so-called moderate Muslims don’t do anything except making banal statements. Image Credit:

It is important to note that this terrorist attack happened after Sikhs ran langar (free food distribution) at the Sharia no-go zone in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, where many Islamists were protesting against the CAA. They ran langars even in Rohingya refugee camps to feed the starving Rohingya Muslims. And now, Islamists repaid the debt to Sikhs by perpetrating this heinous atrocity.

The Islamists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh want to drive all the Hindus and Sikhs, whom they consider Kafirs, away from those countries. At the same time, their co-religionists in India are exerting tremendous pressure on the Indian government not to grant asylum to the persecuted Hindus and Sikhs from those countries. The Islamists in India hit the streets after the enactment of the CAA and indulged in large-scale violence and arson. Their actions clearly show that they want to ambush all the Hindus and Sikhs living in the three Islamic theocracies. This is the plain truth all Hindus and Sikhs must realize.

At least now, all the followers of Indic religions, who are considered ‘Kafirs’ by Islamists, must wake up to the fact that Islamism is an extremely dangerous ideology that must be opposed tooth and nail. People should, at least now, realize the fact that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is the need of the hour and they all must strongly support the government’s decision to grant asylum to Hindus and Sikhs, who want to flee from stone-age Islamist persecution.

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