Is Sufism Really Tolerant and Liberal?


Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a popular Sufi cleric in Pakistan, who led the protests against any dilution of Pakistan’s inhuman blasphemy laws, passed away recently after contracting the Chinese Wuhan virus.

If we listen to his sermons, we get to know how he demeans non-Muslims and their faith. He is often seen branding people other than Muslims as ‘Kafirs’ and badmouthing them to portray them as inferior humans.

There are many people who make us believe that Sufism, an Islamic sect, is the most liberal form of Islam, and the people who follow the sect advocate the peaceful coexistence of the followers of all religions.

Khadim Hussain Rizvi, however, proves all those claim utterly wrong and Sufism, the so-called liberal sect, is as rabidly bigoted as any other Islamic sect. In one of his sermons, he was seen comparing non-Muslims with latrines. He pronounced that Muslims must not befriend any ‘Kafirs’ and they just have to deal with them as it is a compulsion for them. He stated that as Muslims can’t keep themselves from visiting latrines, they also can’t keep themselves from dealing with ‘Kafirs’ especially Hindus.

He is an ardent proponent of Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy laws and spearheaded a campaign for the hanging of Asia Bibi, a Christian lady. Asia, who was accused of blasphemy, was sentenced to death but later acquitted by Pakistan’s supreme court. After her acquittal she left Pakistan and leading a peaceful life in Canada.

If the leader of a supposedly liberal Muslim sect can emit this kind of toxic fumes, we can imagine how other Islamic clerics behave.

Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s funeral is said to be one of the biggest in the history of Pakistan. The unprecedented number of people who gathered for his funeral reflects the growing radicalization of Pakistan and how big a threat it poses for the future of humankind.

An unprecedented number of people attended the radical cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s funeral even amidst the raging Chinese Virus pandemic. It shows how rabid bigotry is proliferating like wild fire in Pakistan. Image Credit:

His incendiary sermons show how dangerous the so-called Sufi sect is, and how historians tried to portray Islam as tolerant by citing the example of Sufism.

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