India Fulfills Its Civilizational Responsibility Through CAB


India has always welcomed vulnerable communities with open arms. When Parsis faced persecution in the hands of Iranian Muslims, who tore down their fire temples and imposed Jizya on them, they came to India seeking asylum. When the anti-Semitism was at its peak and Jews were hounded everywhere, they found a safe haven in India. The Tibetans, who were tormented by the Chinese communist regime, escaped to India under the leadership of the Dalai Lama and established their Tibetan government in Exile in India. All these communities, despite maintaining their separate identity, not only assimilated into Indian society but also contributed to its enrichment.

India’s Civilizational Responsibility:

Now India is facing the challenge of dealing with the Hindu and Sikh refugees who are facing persecution in the neighboring Islamic countries — Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. All these are theocracies where the draconian Sharia is in force. The Minorities in these countries are dehumanized, their daughters are abducted and raped or forcefully converted and married off to Muslims. These inhuman conditions made them leave these Islamic theocracies and escape to India. As no other country is ready to grant asylum to them, India has a civilizational responsibility to welcome them.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 paved the way for Indian citizenship for religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. All the minorities who are facing persecution due to their religion including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians are eligible to get Indian citizenship.

There are many who are raising concerns that Muslims are being excluded. All three countries that are mentioned in the bill are Islamic theocracies and in none of them Muslims are being persecuted. Therefore, the argument that Muslims are being marginalized is not only ridiculous but also completely unfounded. The Islamists and so-called secularists, who simply refuse to understand this simple fact, are spreading misinformation to instigate violence.

Illegal Immigration: A National Security Issue

The illegal immigration of Muslims, which has been happening for quite a long time, caused a major demographic change in northeast India. These Muslims came from Muslim majority countries and therefore were not trying to escape any persecution. This illegal immigration was in fact aided and abetted by the so-called secular parties in India as part of vote bank politics to further their electoral prospects. The illegal immigrants, instead of assimilating and mainstreaming themselves into Indian society, started causing law and order problems. They, by unleashing violence, are holding the governments at gunpoint to get citizenship. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, who acquired notoriety for her Muslim appeasement and vote bank politics, is actively promoting Islamism and inciting Muslims to go on a rampage.

Islam Means Domination, Not Assimilation:

Moreover, Muslims don’t have a history of assimilation. They came to India as invaders, tore down thousands of temples and converted millions by the sword. All the world over, Muslims, after migrating to other countries, are manifesting separatist tendencies. They demand Sharia law and open new Mosques and Madrasas, where the young are indoctrinated to carry out terror attacks. They never stop dreaming about the Caliphate, which calls for the Islamization of the entire world. Therefore, these illegal Muslim migrants are a security risk and may even end up causing another partition of India. Hence deporting all these immigrants to their respective countries is of utmost importance.

Left-Islamist Nexus & Islamorealism:

Stigmatizing those who denounce Islamism by branding them as Islamophobes has become new normal. The Left-Islamist nexus, which is growing strong all over the world, has allowed the Islamists to masquerade as secular liberals. Hiding in the closet of left-liberalism, they stealthily and insidiously promote radical Islam. It is ironic that these Islamists not only abuse the people who question their radical ideology but also preach them about secularism. Even while doing all this nonsense, they simply refuse to condemn the incessant terror attacks and oppose the unceasing clamor for the imposition of Sharia.

As far as sheltering Illegal Muslim immigrants are concerned, though there are around fifty Muslim majority countries in the world, none of them are ready to take them fearing law and order problems. But they want India and other liberal democracies to grant asylum to all of them.

In the aftermath of the passage of CAB, the people who claim themselves to be secularists and left-liberals are deliberately trying to spread misinformation, inciting the Muslim mobs to go on a rampage. The politicians, who play vote bank politics, are instigating the Islamists. As a result of this, the mobs had a free run indulging in violence, vandalism, and arson. They not only caused extensive damage to public property but also physically assaulted many innocent commuters and on-duty police personnel causing them grievous injuries. This is, in fact, an indication of the impending dark days if the illegal infiltrators or not deported to their countries on a war footing.

Unrest in Islamic Universities:

After the CAB got passed in the parliament, many Islamists studying in Muslim Universities such as Jamia Milia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University took to streets and indulged in violence and arson. The media and the celebs, instead of condemning their violence, spread rumors stating that some students were shot dead by the police, fueling further destruction. Some politicians even went to the extent of indulging in mischievous rumor-mongering stating that the Delhi police are dousing buses with petrol and setting them on fire, solely to further their electoral interests.

After Jamia violence, one of the five-star ‘journalists’, Barkha Dutt, who was disgraced after Neira Radia scam came to light, immediately plunged into action to make heroines out of some female Islamists, who spearheaded the violence. The Facebook posts of these Islamists clearly reflected their radical leanings and the kind of conspiracy that was hatched to incite violence and destruction.

Though we kept hearing that the minorities especially the Hindus and Sikhs in Islamic theocracies are being persecuted, no action was taken by the Indian governments. Politicians would always hide behind pseudo-secularism to garner the Muslim vote bank and did absolutely nothing to mitigate their suffering. This is the first time in the post-independent history that an Indian government grew a spine to make a law that would pave the way for granting asylum to the persecuted Hindus and Sikhs.

One of the greatest dividends of the CAB and the ensuing violence is, all the Islamists, who were hitherto hiding in left-liberal closets, came out in the open and revealed their true colors. Now the people can see them clearly and recognize their intent explicitly.

A Religious War:

The fact is that the Islamists are waiting for an opportunity for quite some time to take to streets and indulge in violence. For them, CAB is only a pretext. We have been hearing about ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ rant for long, which intends to convert India into a ‘Dar al-Islam’ through Jihad. Demographic Jihad is part and parcel of the entire strategy. The same is manifested in Jamia violence, during which provocative slogans such as “Hinduon Se Aazadi” were given. The slogans clearly called for the ethnic cleansing of Hindus, which they already executed successfully in Kashmir.

Therefore, the people of India must be wary of the dangerous plans of the Islamists and take all precautions to preserve themselves and their future generations. Otherwise, India will descend quickly into darkness. The video leaks in which the Muslim clergymen talk about Islamization, as part of which the ‘Kafirs’ have either to accept Islam, pay Jizya or get killed are hitting the social media on almost daily basis. The post CAB violence only proves that the illegal Muslim migrants are indeed a security risk and have the potential to reduce India into ashes if not deported quickly.

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