Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan Delivers Hate Speech


Those who watched the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s speech at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) might have wondered whether the people of Pakistan elected a leader to rule their country or chosen a Mulla to give inflammatory sermons to radicalize the global Muslim community.

Though he touched upon Climate change briefly and wailed about how the rich elites are looting Pakistan, he primarily tried to project his country as a patron of Islam and the representative of global Muslim ummah in his almost one-hour long rant.

It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s Islamorealism

He gave a long and boring sermon to an almost empty hall on so-called Islamophobia and tried to defend radical Islamic terrorism by playing the victim card.

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The entire world has understood the nature and motives of radical Islam and its pernicious maneuvers. The people all over the world have understood the fact that radical Islam wants to Islamize the entire world through its violent and bloodthirsty Jihad. They want to establish Dar al-Islam and impose the draconian Sharia law on the entire humanity.

The innumerable pogroms perpetrated by radical Islamists, in which lives of a vast number of people were snuffed out, bear testimony to the apocalyptic nature of radical Islam. Therefore, an overwhelming majority of the world community has already concluded that the so-called Islamophobia is non-existent. In fact, what we are witnessing now is Islamorealism.

Therefore, no amount of obfuscation can stop people from seeing reality. As of now, radical Islam is able to survive and thrive deriving support from the left-leaning journos, activists and politicians who emerged as the prominent supporters of global Jihad and vociferous terror apologists. This situation, however, will not last long considering the world-wide awakening that is happening about the dangers of radical Islam.

Pakistan, along with Saudi Arabia, has played an active role in radicalizing the Muslim community. The proliferation of Madrasas across the globe, through which the ultra-conservative Wahabi Islam is being propagated, has become a cause of concern all over the world.

In his speech, Imran Khan himself admitted that the Pakistani army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) trained Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in return for money. The entire world, except a few Islamic countries, has already acknowledged the fact that Pakistan, through its indoctrination and terror training activities, has emerged as a global epicenter of Islamist terror. Therefore, Imran Khan’s wild rant about Islamophobia and his attempt to play the victim card is an exercise in sheer futility.

Pushing Kashmir Into Terror Hellhole

As expected, the self-proclaimed ambassador of the people of Kashmir raised the issue of so-called human rights violations in the union territory of India. The Indian government consigned Article 370 to dust bin to stop Kashmir from descending into terror hellhole. The radical Islamists, after resorting to the ethnic cleansing of Hindu Pandits from Kashmir, have planned to either join Pakistan or establish a separate Islamic theocratic state. Indian action of abrogating the said article not only stopped the formation of another Sharia-compliant hellhole but also restored equal rights to women, the LGBT community and Dalits, who were reduced to the status of second-class citizens by Islamist hegemony.

Why Silence on Uyghur Muslims?

Imran Khan, the self-styled advocate of Muslim rights, is not able to muster up enough courage to denounce the atrocities perpetrated by China against Uyghur Muslims. Their mosques are destroyed, they are not allowed to celebrate their festivals, men are not allowed to grow beards and women are prohibited from wearing burqas. Most importantly, China, which considers Islam a mental illness, started treating the illness in concentration camps to de-Islamize Uyghur Muslims. But the custodian of global Muslim Ummah, Imran Khan, neither denounced China’s actions nor does he have any words of sympathy for them.

And finally, Imran Khan, who started his speech with his raw rhetoric, which is laden with theocratic parlance, ended it with a nuclear threat to the entire world. His nuclear blackmail by pointing to his country’s possession of the Islamic bomb is highly reprehensible. Khan has used an international arena to resort to nuclear blackmail and ended up delivering a hate speech against India.

Bogey of Islamophobia to Divert Attention

His futile rant only manifested his frustration with his inability to solve his country’s domestic problems. Pakistan’s economy is in deep crisis and the people are struggling with ever-increasing inflation and unemployment. Their lives are becoming increasingly burdensome. But their Prime Minister appointed himself as the ambassador of Kashmir and now he even shouldered the additional responsibility of being the patron of the global Muslim ummah. So, the ordinary people of Pakistan, who don’t have anyone to mitigate their suffering, are left in the lurch.

Imran Khan raised the bogey of Islamophobia to divert people’s attention from his failures. He, along with the president of Turkey, Erdogan, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, announced the launching of an Islamic television station to fight Islamophobia. But there are already channels such as Al Jazeera, which are fighting the so-called Islamophobia without any success. All that these TV stations could do is expose themselves as being terror apologists by obfuscating things, which is not sustainable in the long run.

In view of Pakistan’s emergence as the most unstable and dangerous country, the world community must take note of its efforts to mainstream radical Islamic terrorism. Its dangerous actions will have a disastrous impact on the future of humanity. If the world community ignores Imran’s radical rant, one day the apocalyptic Islamism, which he and his ilk are nurturing, will knock at every nation’s doors to destroy them.

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