Consumers Are The Victims Of Marketing


The other day I, along with my family went out to buy a pair of footwear for my son. After riding our bike for around three kilometers, we found some footwear stores. First, we entered Reliance Footprint. There are no customers in the store and it is staffed by a security guard and a salesman. Most of the footwear that was on display lost its sheen of newness and looked quite old. They are all priced between Rs. 1000 and 2000. My son was not impressed and we came out.

We just scanned the brightly illuminated neon signs to trace out whether there are any more footwear stores in the vicinity. We spotted Reebok store and my son got excited. Dad…Reebok… he shouted. At the very outset, I was apprehensive but to satisfy the curiosity of my son, I agreed to venture into the store. The security guard had let us in with a smile on his face. I and my son neared a shelf and peered at the shoes and their prices. We felt slightly surprised. I know that Reebok is a well-known brand and I expected them to be expensive, but I never thought that they prove to be prohibitively expensive for me to buy. To me, they looked similar to some other brands like Bata or  Action. A particular pair of footwear is priced at Rs. 3999.

To me, they looked pretty ordinary and no better than any other shoes manufactured by other companies. When we enquired about the prices, they told me that the price of Rs. 3999 is after deducting 40% discount. Without entertaining any second thought we just exited the store. Very nearby we spotted Adidas and Nike stores also, but we could not muster up enough courage to enter them.

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