My Festival Is Not Your Awareness Campaign


There are many people, especially celebrities, who use Hindu festivals to launch their social media awareness campaigns on various issues just to promote themselves. When Deepavali is around the corner, they say “Don’t Burst Crackers – Save Environment” and when Ganesh Chaturthi is nearing, they again say “Don’t install Big Idols”. Okay, there is nothing wrong in expressing one’s thoughts but the fact that they choose only Hindu festivals to distribute their ‘Gyan’ is highly objectionable.

Why can’t they muster up enough courage to say ‘don’t slaughter animals during Bakrid’, ‘Don’t use Christmas trees during Christmas’ and ‘don’t use fireworks during New Year day’?

Hindus silently bore this systematic assault on their culture and festivals for long. They finally started hitting back at the celebrities, who are part of the Left-Islamist alliance.

There are many scientific studies that proved beyond doubt that indiscriminate animal slaughter and consumption of red meat during the festivals such as Bakrid cause irreparable damage to the environment as the activities have very high carbon footprint. But these celebs don’t raise their voice due to the fear of physical assaults and beheadings.

As Hindus most of the time remain mute spectators to the assaults on their culture and festivals and limit their outrage to the social media platforms, they target Hindu festivals with audacity.

However, the widespread Hindu awakening in India and around the world is making sure that Hindus no longer tolerate these assaults on their culture and lifestyle. Enlightened Hindus, who are active on social media platforms, are not only exposing the hypocrisy and cowardice of the left-liberals but also making it clear to them that they can’t misuse Hindu festivals to launch their awareness campaigns. This is a welcome change in Hindu society.

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