Divyangs and their resilient lives.


The moment we spot a disabled person the first emotion that strikes us is the sympathy. We visualize the hardships they might be passing through in their daily lives due to their disability. However, the ‘Divyags’ who participated in an event organized at Dell International Services, Hyderabad, proved that they are not disabled but in fact differently abled. Some of them are visually challenged and some others are facing speech impairment and are undergoing speech therapy. Some are even affected by congenital deformities that deprived them of some limbs. However, it appears that none of their deformities prove to be a hurdle in their chosen path. Most of them are pursuing their higher studies and some of them even completed professional degrees. As the compearer of the event had rightly mentioned, the differently abled people present at the venue did not require any sympathies from anyone but they actually came to inspire the able bodied”.

Two non-governmental organizations (NGOs), namely, Ashray Akruti and the Divine Charitable Trust, headed by Sumita Lal and Vincent Reddy respectively, brought the differently abled people under their care to the Dell office. The ‘divyangs’, setting aside their disabilities, gave heart-touching performances to the audience. A group of ‘divyangs’ who miss their legs, demonstrated impressive kinesthetic intelligence during their dance performance mostly by using their hands.

Sumita Lal, the Senior Operation Manager of Ashray-Akruti briefed the gathering about the good work her organization has been doing over some years and also introduced some of the differently abled achievers under her organization’s care. Those achievers, who are speech impaired, introduced themselves to the audience in an unintelligible manner. However, the praiseworthy thing is their zeal to communicate with whatever little vocal resources they have. Mr. Vincent Reddy, the chairman of Divine Charitable Trust, during his speech, stated that the differently abled people under his care are very smart, focused and confident. He also opined that the deformities and the resultant challenges actually empower them to be more confident and focused enabling them to move ahead in their lives.

Many of us feel that the expressions such as ‘differently abled’ and ‘divyangs’ are mere euphemisms and can’t really help them in overcoming the insurmountable challenges they face in their daily lives. It is true that they face problems, but at the same time they refuse to be constrained by their deformities and persevere on the path to progress. In these days of rampant stress and tension even the people who have able and fully functional bodies are committing suicides by falling prey to self-pity and depression. However, the differently abled, with their lives, demonstrate how to stay optimistic and lead purposeful lives by overcoming the seemingly insurmountable problems in their lives.

The event was held under the auspices of an employee resource group called ‘True Ability’, which is dedicated to aiding, enriching and serving those impacted by disabilities and special needs. On this occasion, the differently abled employees of Dell have been felicitated for their contributions, and organizers of the event also assured that they will enhance their efforts to hire more people with special needs.

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