How demonetization impacted my family?


I’m a salaried employee working for a private sector company located in Hyderabad. I and my wife lead a thrifty life, saving some money for the future of our two children. I save on my taxes through tax planning. It was on November 8th 2016 at 9 pm, while in office, I came to know about the demonetization announcement.

After I reached home, I asked my wife about the number of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes in the house. She said that there is only one Rs. 500 note. The very next day I used that note at a petrol bunk to get my two wheeler refueled. Since then we have been using our debit card to buy groceries from a nearby supermarket. However, on my way to office, I see long serpentine queues at most of the banks and at those very few ATMs which actually functioned. I can say that the demonetization had almost nil impact on my life except that it was a juicy news for me to share my views on the social media and pen down an article on it.

Why the demonetization had nil impact on my family?

Well, there are a few reasons.

I don’t have any unaccounted money.

My family leads a thrifty and austere life.

We use our debit card and even net banking facility to make payments and buy the essentials such as groceries.

And, many shopping establishments started accepting cards even for small payments in the post-demonetization announcement.

However, things are not as simple as they are in case of the others. The people in rural areas and even many of the urban dwellers don’t use plastic money, and banking habit is yet to trickle down to the masses.

The demonetization is a very courageous decision taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi because it is extremely difficult to fight against corruption and black money in our country as it is deeply rooted in our public psyche. There are many who are accusing the government of not properly planning the process thus putting the people to a lot of hardships. In saying so they conveniently forget the fact that India is a country of more than one billion population and even during normal times there are long queues at many offices.

Demonetization in a country like India is bound to create chaos irrespective of the arrangements the government makes. And the black money hoarders are very strong and influential people, who try to strike back against the government with a vengeance. That is what we are witnessing right now. There are many television channels who are trying to defeat this program by repeatedly flashing across the long queues in front of the banks and blowing the negative things out of proportion with an evil intention to stoke anger among the people. There are many anti-social elements who are working overnight to spread rumors and create unrest in the country.

This is the time for the people of the country to strongly support the Prime Minister’s efforts to eradicate black money and bring about transparency. If they take these temporary troubles seriously and fall into the trap of the unscrupulous elements, the country will never be able to get rid of the scourge of corruption, which has been eating into the vitals of the society. The soldiers of the nation are guarding the borders in the most hostile environment and making supreme sacrifices to protect the sovereignty of the nation. May be we can take cue from them and keep patience to sail through this situation. Then only the common man, whom all the wealthy elite derisively call ‘mango man’ or ‘cattle class’, will be able to regain his dignity.

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