Now the Government Officials can Indulge in Corruption with Impunity.


If someone asks you, who are the blood sucking parasites that thrive on the poor people in the country, what would be your answer? Well, if you are well educated and has been closely observing the socio-economic and political affairs in the country, your answer could very well be – politicians, bureaucrats and big business tycoons. They are uncharged criminals, who are roaming freely leading luxurious lives and enjoying all the privileges at the expense of the ordinary people. Since the deadly trio have common interests and inextricably intertwined with each other, they always go hand in hand.

It is their constant and continuous endeavor to ceaselessly strengthen their position and power to safeguard their illegitimate interests. One of the classic examples of this behavior is the recent Rajasthan government’s ordinance to gag the press from reporting anything about the evil deeds of the bureaucrats until unless the government allows the case to be investigated. This is simply outrageous. The government officials in our country are notorious for their venality and close scrutiny of their activities by the press and the civil society is the only countervailing force to keep a tab on their corrupt activities. And now the Rajasthan government wants to scuttle this process to empower the government officials to go on a looting spree. This move is truly ominous and will give an added impetus to the already rampant corruption.

People dislodged the previous UPA government mainly because of its gargantuan corruption and misdeeds. The Modi-led BJP government, which appears to have not learnt any lessons from the UPA’s downfall, is quietly taking the crony capitalism to new heights by diverting the attention of the people on to the useless issues. Now the Rajasthan government, which is also run by the BJP, is paving way for the institutionalization of corruption. The people, however, appear to be oblivious to these evil and insidious moves. May be they are under the influence of the so-called magic spell cast by Modi, and therefore preoccupied with cows, statues, Ram Rajya, patriotism, nationalism, and most importantly the empty promises.

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