Congress Exonerates Chinese Virus for Economic Downturn


These days all and sundry are speaking like seasoned economists. They say the economy is in doldrums, and as usual, hold ‘Modi’ responsible.

It is a fact that the GDP growth has sunk, and the economy is not doing well. But the people who are obsessed with the economy seem to be oblivious to the fact that we are amidst a pandemic and just came out of a lockdown, which made all the economic activity come to a standstill. And, they also seem to have ignored another fact that the economic downturn is not limited to India and it is a worldwide phenomenon.

But for the people, who are afflicted with a pathological hatred for the Modi-led union government, these things don’t matter. The only thing that matters to them is an opportunity to pounce on Modi and everything he represents.

They say Rahul Gandhi forewarned about the impending economic downturn. Even a person with a below-average intelligence can predict what is in the offing against the backdrop of the Chinese Wuhan virus wreaking havoc all over the world. All that Rahul Gandhi has for the country is a silly advice ‘Strategically Karna Hai’. His tutors might not have provided him with the script on what exactly are the kind of ‘strategic actions’ that are needed to kickstart the economy.

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The fact of the matter is the capitalist economies are susceptible to booms and recessions and we can’t enjoy a perpetual boom. The Chinese Wuhan virus, which afflicted humankind due to the opacity of China’s communist regime, forced the businesses to shut either temporarily or permanently. People who were vary of venturing out during the raging pandemic participated sparsely in economic activities during the last two quarters. Against this backdrop, a slump in the economy was anticipated by everybody.

Many economies all over the world including the US, Europe, Singapore, etc also recorded negative growth. And, this slump is only temporary and there are already signs of an economic recovery. There is no doubt that the economy will rebound, and the normalcy will be restored in the coming months.

But the ‘economic expertise’ manifested by the Congress party in association with the Left-Islamist combine is turning progressively hilarious. Their hatred for nationalist forces and their penchant for strengthening the forces of disintegration are becoming increasingly clear day after day. As their economic rants are increasingly becoming mind-numbingly ridiculous, it is time for them to stop, ponder, and take a realistic stock of the situation. If they continue with their irrational and incoherent rants, they face the danger of losing trust and sinking into oblivion forever.

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