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Friday, June 18, 2021
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The Joy of Morning Walk

Most of us, especially the city dwellers, find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. There are many reasons for this such...

Pulse Oximeter: Essential Tool During COVID

Normally, we get to see a pulse oximeter when we visit a pulmonologist and we wonder what that small machine is. And, we even...

Sangi Reddy, An Unsung Hero of Freedom Struggle

My maternal grandfather, Settipalli Sangi Reddy, was a freedom fighter, who actively participated in the Quit India Movement against the British. Though I never...

Are we Raising Device Zombies?

I find myself asking this question more and more often these days. And I am terrified to accept it even though the truth is...

Three Faces of Family and Harmony

Unless the families develop proper coping mechanisms, the Corona pandemic may lead to a disruption in family life. The coping mechanism will involve organizing your home and time, with a good dose of positive attitude. Corona Virus may affect the health of nations but it should never be allowed to wreck the fabric of family life.

Are COVID Vaccine Expectations Realistic?

After the coronavirus pandemic raised its ugly head and started tormenting the world, the healthcare officials are clueless as to what medicines need to...

Love yourself

Try to accept yourself then only others will, and even if they don't, who cares? You are enough to love and embrace yourself.

Diffusion of Joy

But since depression isn’t communicable like corona, we seem to be least anxious about this silent killer. Are we waiting for it to be communicable like coronavirus someday? If ‘No’, then wake up and start defending your friends from depression, before they are cruelly defeated by it one night.

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