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Controlling The Narrative On Kashmir

Around a month ago, people started speculating that something momentous was going to happen in Kashmir when they first heard about massive troop deployment....

It’s Modi All The Way

Modi once again registered a resounding victory. The exit poll predictions, to a great extent, came true though some pollsters failed to gauge the...

Five reasons Modi may retain power

As the long and arduous elections in India are nearing completion, the predictions about who might win are gathering pace. The entire campaigning is...

Things To Keep In Mind Before Voting In 2019 Elections

As the elections are around the corner and the nation is gearing itself to cast its votes with an unending optimism on its future...

The Tale of Modi Regime: Two Modis and a Mallya.

Now it has completely been proven beyond any iota of doubt that the entire nation is infested with robbers and the public money is...

Modi’s Davos Speech is Laden with Contradictions

The town of Davos in Swiss Alps hosts the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), which has, over the years, emerged as the favorite destination...

A Victory for Corporate Hindutva.

As the Gujarat election results unfold, it appears that the Corporate Hindutva represented by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, once again prevails albeit with...

Shallow talk that signifies nothing to a commoner

Being a common man, I’m always on the lookout for bread and butter related news items in the newspapers. If you have closely been...

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