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Save the Sanctity of Words

Prime Minister Modi won Seoul Peace Prize 2018. He will be receiving this award for his contribution to high economic growth in India and...

Let’s Strive for an Inclusive Economy

Economics touches every aspect of our lives, yet most of us pay scant attention to it. Paul A. Samuelson, the Nobel laureate and author...

How BJP’s ‘Swadeshi’ morphed into neo-liberalism?

Those were the days when I was living in the famous temple town, Bhadrachalam. I was an undergraduate student in the local government degree...

Credit fueled consumption is unsustainable

Credit card cum personal loan sales pitch is ubiquitous these days. You almost invariably have to face it when you visit a shopping mall...

Ease of doing business is okay but when will we have ease of living?

After the pro-rich neo liberalism emerged triumphant, people who are at the helm of affairs appear to be obsessed with only one thing -...

Oxfam report on inequality should be an eye opener for the world.

Even while half of the humanity survives on meager earnings and probably going hungry to bed night after night leading their destitute lives laboriously...

India’s infatuation with gold is a social evil. It must be eradicated.

It is a fact universally known that Indians are very crazy about, or rather greedy for gold. Indian women are so fond of the...

How demonetization impacted my family?

I’m a salaried employee working for a private sector company located in Hyderabad. I and my wife lead a thrifty life, saving some money...

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