CAA Protests or Jihadist Uprising?


Left-Islamist nexus is all-pervasive. In all the liberal democracies the Jihadists camouflage themselves as left-liberals. In India, they often preach Hindus about secularism and stigmatize those who question Islamism as Islamophobes. The strong support they receive from Left-dominated media and political parties made them grow audacious.

They communalized everything from the convenience of their left-liberal closets. They communalized the chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and even the national song ‘Vandemataram’. They heap abuse on Hindu cultural practices and way of life by branding them as regressive, conveniently ignoring the utterly regressive practices such as the burqa, polygamy, triple talaq, and nikah halala. They did not allow any reform in the Muslim community by vehemently opposing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), which is part of the directive principles of state policy of the Indian constitution.

But these Jihadists are not able to hide their true identity anymore. After the Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), many Islamists took to streets and went on a rampage. They pelted stones, indulged in arson and attacked innocent commuters and on-duty policemen. In essence, they went on a destruction spree reminding the people of the dark days of the Direct-Action Day that led to the partition of the country. The left dominated media and the political parties launched a major misinformation campaign to instigate the Islamists to go berserk.

They claimed that they are protesting against CAA, which they perceive as discriminatory and is aimed at taking away their citizenship. But CAA is only intended to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities who are dehumanized in the neighboring Islamic theocracies, which impose the draconian Sharia on them. Unable to bear this persecution, many are fleeing those countries to India. And CAA is intended to grant asylum to those persecuted Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. So, the act does not take away their citizenship. Then why all this violence?

So, it is very clear that all the bloodthirsty violence is not about CAA. It is all about Islamism. It is all about Ghazwa-e-Hind (holy war against India). They want to establish a Dar al-Islam even in India and impose Sharia on all the ‘Kafir’ Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians. They have already done it in Kashmir by resorting to the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits. Now they want to extend it to the whole of India.

That is exactly the reason they raised extremely provocative slogans against Hindus such as

Hinduon Se Azadi

La ilaha illallah

Kafiro Se Azadi

Hindutva Ki Kabar Khudegi, AMU Ki Chaati Par

I am Babari

Fuck OM Hindutva (ॐ was drawn like Nazi symbol)

All the mayhem that happened in the name of CAA protests were started by the systematic misinformation campaign launched by the leftist media in association with the Islamists. But later on, the Islamists took over the campaign by transforming it into a rabidly anti-Hindu upraising. Now the Leftists are finding it increasingly difficult to defend these Jihadists.

The Muslims in India are in the tight grip of their clergy and the politicians such as Owaisis, who clearly manifested their rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-India inclinations.

Even while the anti-CAA protests were in full swing, one of the holiest Sikh shrines Nankana Sahib in Pakistan was attacked by a frenzied Muslim mob, which threatened to exterminate all the Sikhs from the town and convert the Gurdwara into a Mosque. News reports on the abduction of Hindu and Sikh girls and their forced conversion to Islam are hitting the headlines on a regular basis. But the Muslims in India are not ready to shed even a single tear about the persecution of minorities in Pakistan. But they are more than willing to carry out protest demonstrations about the killing of an Iranian military general, who has the blood of innocent civilians on his hands.

One of the greatest dividends of the enactment of CAA is, the ensuing violence enabled the people of India clearly see the potential dangers of demographic change. They even saw the true colors of many Islamists, who hitherto camouflaged themselves in Left-liberal garb. And, they even clearly saw how dangerous the madrasa indoctrinated youth could be when they take to streets under the influence of communal frenzy.

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