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Rajesh Raj

Rajesh Raj teaches literature and poetry. He authored his first book 'Flowers in Search of Fragrance' published by AuthorsPress, in 2019. He is currently busy doing his research on life and literature.  

A Hindi or an Indian?

The earth may be divided by religions, languages, and colors but can always be united by emotions.

Sailing Through Coronavirus Crisis

The future generations will judge us based on how well we fight the invisible enemy called coronavirus by helping and supporting each other in this hour of crisis. There are numerous examples where people extended a helping hand to their fellow humans. But we can always do better.

Diffusion of Joy

But since depression isn’t communicable like corona, we seem to be least anxious about this silent killer. Are we waiting for it to be communicable like coronavirus someday? If ‘No’, then wake up and start defending your friends from depression, before they are cruelly defeated by it one night.

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