Anatomy of a Jihadist


They say Jihad means holy war. When you ask the question ‘holy war against whom?’ They conveniently say, ‘against yourself’, ‘against evil’ and so on and so forth. Under Sharia, such lies are allowed and are called Taqiyya. But they rarely accept the truth that the so-called holy war is always waged against Kafirs. Now, who are Kafirs? They are infidels. In other words, they are the ones who don’t follow the Asmani Kitab (book descended from heaven).

Jihad is all-pervasive and omnipresent. Just like God Almighty is present everywhere, Jihad also makes its presence felt everywhere, that too in its umpteen manifestations. No one knows in what form it approaches to swallow you. It surprises us in the form of demographic jihad, car jihad, truck jihad, love jihad, rape jihad, forest jihad, and — you name it, they had it.

For the people who believe in Asmani Kitab, their Qaum is more important than anything else, as it transcends borders and keeps them united. As per the Kitab, it is the responsibility of every member of the Qaum to fight Shirk (the sin of polytheism) and uphold Tawhid (monotheism in Islam).

Now, who commit Shirk? Everyone who is not part of the Qaum is prone to commit it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the global Ummah to fight the people who indulge in Shirk as it is an unpardonable sin as per the Kitab. So, the followers of all the other religions, especially Hindus, are guilty of Shirk and therefore, are the target of Jihad.

Some people wage Jihad in an overt manner. They make inflammatory statements, hold weapons, and indulge in violence. They don’t have any qualms in promoting their Qaum in a violent manner. Jihadi violence is a new normal, which snuffs out the lives of innocent people at alarming regularity.

But there are many who wage covert Jihad. They don’t hold any weapons and don’t indulge in violence. They, in fact, give an ideological backing to the overt Jihadis. They are everywhere — in universities, media, and even governments. They carry out their activities in a very stealthy and insidious manner. And, to do that they camouflage themselves in liberal garb to go undetected.

Take the example of India, where most of the closet Jihadists claim themselves as left-liberals and socialists. Some call themselves Ambedkarites and conveniently adopt the slogans such as ‘Neel Salam, Assalam’ and ‘Jai Bheem, Jai Meem’. Some others even go to the extent of identifying themselves as atheists.

Well, claiming oneself a communist or a Dalit rights activist or even an atheist is an ideal camouflage to set a perfect ambush for all the Kafirs. Maybe that is the reason these closet Jihadists carefully cultivate a liberal aura around them to conceal their true intentions. Their use of liberalism as a camouflage allows them to pose as the nation’s conscience keepers, upholders of liberalism, and so on and so forth. And, under the garb of liberalism, they often brand the silent majority as communal and preach them about secularism.

Now the question arises as to how these closet Jihadists are even allowed to pose as leftists? The answer lies in the fact that there is an unbelievably strong nexus between Leftists and Islamists. Another important fact is this nexus does not work in communist countries such as China and the Islamic countries such as Pakistan.

In China, Islamists are dealt with an iron hand. Their mosques are demolished, they are not allowed to practice their religion and are thrown into detention camps. In Sharia-compliant Pakistan communists are not even allowed to survive. Despite this, the leftists and Islamists support each other and defend their crimes collectively in the liberal democracies.

Therefore, covert Jihad, with the help of leftist cabal, mostly thrives in liberal democracies as the cabal provides them with an ideal ecosystem to operate and expand. As the silent majority in every liberal democracy has political correctness to comply with and are shit-scared of getting accused of being Islamophobes, they don’t face much resistance.

But the good thing is these closet Jihadists can’t hide their Islamist inclinations for long. They find it difficult to resist their ‘Qaumic’ temptations for too long and end up manifesting themselves in their true Jihadist splendor.

In India, the aftermath of the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) created such a situation for the closet Islamists, and one after the other they all came out of their left-liberal closets to overtly support their Ummah. In fact, they played a lead role in instigating the Islamists to take to streets and indulge in violence and arson in many parts of India. In a way, they have shed their camouflage and revealed their true colors. Now people can see them clearly and understand them fully.

In the US and Europe, the emergence of many nationalist leaders and their victories made most of the closet Islamists to come out in full support of their Qaum. Hence this is not limited to any geographical region. It is, in fact, a worldwide phenomenon.

It is indeed surprising that how the Islamists, who suppress women, throw gay men off the cliffs, and declare music and acting as haram (prohibited), are able to pose as the most progressive people in the world? The main reason behind this fake narrative is, the mainstream media, which is dominated by Leftists, never questions their regressive ideology and instead tries to project them as progressive. They even go to the extent of whitewashing all the Jihadist crimes in order to promote their political interests.

The irony is Islamists use democratic institutions to destroy democracy itself. They enjoy all the rights liberal democracies offer to thrive and expand their influence. They, however, don’t extend the same rights to minorities when they become the majority. Because the ultimate goal of all forms of Jihad is to establish a Dar al-Islam (an Islamic theocracy) and impose Sharia on all the Kafirs. The Kafirs, once they become the minority, either have to convert or allow themselves to be dehumanized by paying Jizya. In other words, all the Kafirs must practice Dhimmitude. In fact, Dhimmitude is already manifesting among many people in the form of appeasement of Islamists.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the world community to understand the anatomy of Jihadists and how they thrive in liberal democracies. Unless until all the liberal democracies wake up to the impending dangers of radical Islam and its Jihad, they won’t be able to take any precautions against it. The Islamist takeover, which is certain to happen if humanity does not resist it, will destroy all the human civilization and push the world into the stone age.

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