An Indian’s Perspective on 9/11


Today is the 18th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Now, who killed them? Terrorists? Well, I have my reservations about calling them “terrorists”. Because the international media and even some sections of the Indian media call the terrorists who attack India as either “activists” or “gunmen”. Some other media organizations even term them as “fighters”. So, in an essence, they want to employ words such as activists, gunmen, warriors, soldiers, servicemen, fighters, martyrs, and so on and so forth but strictly avoid using the term “terrorists” to refer to the bloodthirsty Jihadis who attack India.

Therefore, I prefer to call the September 11 attacks as “attacks carried out by the activists-cum-warriors of Al-Queda”.

Now, why did they attack America? When it comes to India, they depict all the terror-related violence as a Hindu-Muslim problem and even go to the extent of claiming that Hindus are carrying out atrocities against Muslims.

Following the same parlance, I prefer to call the September 11 attacks as an ongoing war between the two Abrahamic supremacist religions — Islam and Christianity — that is intended to dominate the world, which is also known as the “Clash of Civilizations”. As part of this war, the neocolonialist western world, represented by Christianity, is waging a ‘Crusade’ against Islamic terrorist organizations and their state sponsors to gain upper-hand over them. Through this war, both of them are trying to win more souls for their religions and thereby establish their hegemony over the world.

Is this a correct analysis?

Hope I followed the internationally accepted journalism style guides while writing this.

By the way, my tribute to the innocent people who lost their lives on this day.

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