A Hindi or an Indian?


Almost every other day, we come across some heated debate between two parties either on T.V. or in public based on a burning agenda – “Who is a True Indian?” Perhaps a never-ending argument on any general acceptance. Therefore, the very debate takes a fanatic turn especially when one tries to gain an upper hand over the other. It peculiarly gets so cobwebbed that the debaters, at a certain point, start quarreling on subtle terminologies like India or Hindustan. The situation sounds akin to a tramp asking us for food while we are busy arguing on the language – beggar or bhikhari.

A while later, when we ask the beggar his name, he gently interlocks his fingers and brings them up to touch his dried lips. He literally makes a hungry gesture with his folded hands. Only then we realize that the tramp is too hungry to not utter a single word –food or bhojan. We consequently share a sad glance with utmost regret and serve him some food. The hungry man eats in a haste meanwhile leaving us in remorseful tears.

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Furthermore, we discern it post the tramp’s departure; he was wise enough to not answer any of our questions before having the food or whilst eating it, even if he had enough energy to do so, for he knew one thing quite well that if he spoke anything frictional with either of our opinions, he would have to wait for another debate or so between the two of us to extinguish his belly’s flame.

There may be several facets of observing the cube of patriotism, one aspect is still more purposeful i.e., serving our nation in whatever way possible from whichever position we hold in society without a political group’s permission or its complaints. Because the best service is immensely done with hands and not mouths. On this matter, my belief which quotes – “A holy hand prays, a holier hand blesses, but the holiest hand always serves,” might forward my insight in significant manner.

Pertaining to patriotism, we must acknowledge that patriotism is rather another form of commitment. The way we have a commitment towards our mother from the first day she bears us in her stomach. A commitment towards our soil from the first day we taste its grain. Similarly, in a parallel manner, patriotism is also a commitment naturally born in our senses towards our birthplace just like every other stimulus.

We all must be born in a specific region; our first love unconditionally goes to that place. We, then, grew up and transcended its boundary and travelled all across our state. A tour to various lengths and breaths of our country in varied directions followed it up. Yet all these regions, districts, and states are root wise connected to only one foundation which we call our nation.

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An open experience states that the more we divide things, the farther we move up the roots. And, apparently, we reach a situation where we all have an apple, but from where it fell down into our hands is still ambiguous. Where is the apple tree then? It excites us. In this case when we have no idea where the apple exactly fell from. We want to believe that the apple tree is invisible. And everything that is said to exist but is invisible requires a closer probe.

We believe in what we see obviously. We have got an apple, just eat it and be healthy. Our job is done? Never. The job, on the contrary, commences here. Once we eat anything, and if it tastes delicious to our tongue, our mind quietly produces various emotions of attachment to it. And we emotionally start loving and appreciating it long before we express our pleasure to the world in artificial languages.

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Likewise, the reverence that we express after eating the apple gradually changes into a commitment to safeguard the apple tree and provide everything needed to keep it all well. In fact, all conflicts in our brain succumb to ashes automatically with this very realization of gratitude. Now, you may call your mother tree by any name – mother, maa, amma. You know well enough that no etymology can absolutely define your relationship with your mother as long as you both are tangled with a feeling, an emotion of mutual love, and nothing else.

Everything that is unshakable in the universe is associated with just an emotion. Be it our faith in some supreme power or our love for our mother. Patriotism is nothing but one such feeling. A flux of emotions rather. Let’s say when we go abroad, it’s not that we miss our national flag alone, but as soon as we see large farmland of wheat out there while visiting some countryside in the west, the fragrance of our soil, which is uninvited, diffuses in our nose. When we taste their western food, we miss our Aloo Parathas. When we wear their round hats, we reminisce about the touch of our pagadi, don’t we? When we get wet in their snowfall, our lips retain our first kiss in the monsoon back home.

In this manner, this roller coaster of nostalgia may vary from person to person and from one state to another, but will eventually meet at a square of our inexplicable love for our nation. Remember, the apple tree. The roots are always deeper than the shoots. The former is feeling and the latter is just an expression. Henceforth, we must pay attention to the silent whispers of the tree next time while plucking an apple from it and we would certainly hear it say – The earth may be divided by religions, languages, and colors but can always be united by emotions.  

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Rajesh Raj teaches literature and poetry. He authored his first book 'Flowers in Search of Fragrance' published by AuthorsPress, in 2019. He is currently busy doing his research on life and literature.  
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Raj sinha
Raj sinha
11 months ago

Awesome article

Anoop Dubey
Anoop Dubey
11 months ago

It is very nice and touchy.