A Battle Ground for Competing Narratives


The ideological struggle in India is getting intensified in an unceasing manner. There is no one in today’s India, who can be termed as objective or unbiased, not even the so-called ‘reputed’ media houses. You must be either on the Left or the Right. There is no more middle ground. A war is on and you can’t be non-aligned anymore.

If you are on the right, you must be loyal to India and chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. You should also subscribe to everything that has roots in Indic culture and values. Most of the people who are on the right are avid Modi fans and don’t feel offended when they are called ‘Bhakts’. In fact, they take pride in being termed so. They don’t even care when the mainstream media (MSM) brands them patently regressive and communal and hit back at what they feel as biased media by terming them ‘presstitutes’. They strongly detest radical Islamic terrorism and rampant conversions being carried out by the Christian missionaries. They feel that these activities pose a great challenge to the unity and integrity of India.

If you are on the left, you must support the terrorists in Kashmir and Naxals in Chhattisgarh. You must accept Arundhati Roy as the nation’s conscience keeper. You must believe that the only ‘beacon light of hope’ for India is Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), where the future leaders such as Kanhaiya Kumar, Sehla Rashid, and Umar Khalid are groomed. And most importantly, you must chant ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Inshaallah’ and must always feel that it is a ‘cool’ thing.

And, if you are part of the left, you must also believe that supporting terrorists and Naxals is akin to supporting human rights and freedom of expression. You must keep questioning, and while firing incessant questions at your opponents, you must always feel that you are not answerable to anything. You must keep heaping abuse on your political opponents by accusing them of being ‘fascists’ because branding someone as a ‘fascist’ is a ‘super cool’ thing. And if you do all the above things, your fellow members of the leftist gang will sing paeons of praise for you by calling you ‘a person of unparalleled intellect’ irrespective of how much grey matter you have in your brain.

The political and ideological war is so intense that the leftist media houses, which hid their ideological leanings behind the garb of neutrality, are forced to unveil their true colors. And the hitherto strong left-leaning media houses such as NDTV, and The Hindu, are facing an existential crisis as people started questioning their modus operandi. These media houses, which have been acting as Left-Islamist propaganda machines are facing intense competition from the relatively new entrants such as Republic Media Network, which don’t hide their pro-nationalist leanings.

So which side are you? Have you revealed your true colors? Or, are you still hiding behind political correctness and fake neutrality? In this battle of narratives, only those who are willing to sacrifice political correctness will ultimately emerge victorious. The people who continue to stick to political correctness and hide behind neutrality will face the prospect of getting ignored.

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