Are Internships More Beneficial Than Full-time Jobs?


Have you ever interned? did you learn anything? Or was it just about internship project submissions after it ends and score marks? Most people intern because if they don’t, it’s a question of how can they not give a damn about others who are interning with big brands?

Well, if you could not answer those questions, that’s fine because you can still work part-time and experience a fresh perspective.

The best part of being an intern is that you do not have to be available for long term unless you are permanently hired and can earn perks like certificates or stipend.

The type of firm you are interning with also counts. There is comparatively less exposure in large organizations and vice versa. And hence it is advisable to work with smaller firms or start ups because exposure is what matters.

However, we shall look at the top 4 reasons why an internship is important, one by one

1. You know what you want:

Internships help you decide whether you want to be in a 9-5 job or a freelancer or an entrepreneur. This realisation, which most of us ignore, is important at an early stage because this is when we end up taking incorrect decisions and follow the crowd. Even if we do realize, we have people or circumstances discouraging us in following what we want.

Hence it is important you first take decisions, do your best to stick to it and take their responsibilities too because as you know, you might end up taking wrong decisions and sometimes this is how it works. It is important to learn to take your own decisions and fail rather than blaming yourself for not trying at all or others who decided for you, the success of which, of course, depends on your luck.

2. You are free to take risks:

Yes, you are, because you have nothing to lose. You are free to make mistakes once, twice or thrice and still not be blamed because you are a temporary resource, in fact, you are helping the firm with something that is additional but important thus saving their time.

Additionally, you can work for free, do cold calling, take up projects from your seniors and help them save their time, making it a win-win situation. And what do you lose? Rather you invest, learn and in many cases earn testimonials. Isn’t that great…

3. Explore and experiment:

You are in a better position to take advantage of the various opportunities and explore them to your fullest. Become aware of what you are good at or maybe, give a chance to yourself by asking questions, exploring and experimenting options without being worried about judgements.

This also gives you good exposure to real-world scenarios in a controlled environment which is better than experiencing things the hard way.

4. Value hard-earned money:

And last but not the least when you start earning at an early age, no matter how much, you realize that all that glitters is not gold and learn to make judicious use of it.

Moreover, you become money-minded, the most important thing not taught in schools or colleges but is the ultimate goal of anything that we do. And some people (mostly family or friends) might not be happy with the fact that you are thinking about everything in terms of money, but you know you are not wrong as there is no age limit or criteria to be met to be able to earn.

In the end, I would say, you have to take charge of your career and the earlier, the better.

It’s like if no one can force you to eat or wear what you don’t like, deciding on your career should also be your choice.

All the best. Happy exploring!!!

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