Why Media is Ganging Up Against Republic TV?


It is a well-known fact that media houses, in their pursuit of Television Rating Points (TRPs), make every effort to sensationalize issues and peddle their narratives. For a long time, the left-leaning media maintained its hegemony over the narrative and managed to influence the public perception on various issues. The emergence of new media houses with strong nationalist leanings made the legacy media houses feel threatened. As a result, journalism in India is undergoing unprecedented turmoil.

Broadcast journalism is engulfed in a TRP scandal, which could well turn out to be a full-blown media war. Popular media houses that run television channels have been accusing each other of resorting to biased and unethical journalism to promote themselves.

Indian media, for a long time, is infested with leftist propagandists, who are having a heyday peddling their false narratives. Many of them even received patronage from India’s oldest political dynasty, which enabled them to act as power brokers and accumulate wealth. The infamous Radia Gate scandal exposed how the ‘five-star journos’ such as Barkha Dutt managed to gain access to the corridors of power to indulge in dark dealings during the Congress regime. But now, their hegemony is under threat. They are facing a challenge from the increasingly vocal nationalist media, especially the Republic Media Network, which runs Republic World and Republic Bharat channels.

The left-leaning media houses such as the NDTV and India Today and newspapers such as The Hindu and The Indian Express call terrorists as ‘workers’, ‘activists’, and ‘shahids’. Perhaps they want to compete with the New York Times, which called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, as an ‘austere religious scholar’. They give wide publicity to the people who chant ‘Tukde Tukde’ slogans and try to create an impression that anti-national activities are a ‘cool’ thing on the pretext of freedom of expression. They proudly accept the fact that they run ‘vulture’ journalism and term the day India got attacked as a ‘great day’. These media houses don’t leave any opportunity to spruce up the tattering image of the fake Gandhi dynasty.

With the emergence of Republic TV, the people who subscribe to nationalist ideas found a voice. A voice that stands up for India, a voice that exposes the leftist narrative, and a voice that challenges the efforts made by the left-Islamist alliance to destabilize the country.

A series of exposes made by the Republic TV – whether it is the conspiracy behind the mind-numbingly cruel lynching of Palghar sadhus, the efforts made by the Mumbai police to sweep Sushant Singh Rajput’s death/murder case under the carpet to protect the Bollywood mafia, or the attempts made by Congress and Communists to manipulate Hathras incident with the express intention to trigger nation-wide riots – made them garner massive TRPs leaving their competitors far behind. That is exactly what the television channels such as India Today, NDTV, and ABP News could not digest and they have been waiting for an opportune moment to defame Republic TV.

The Shiv Sena, which is running an illegitimate government in Maharashtra after sabotaging the people’s mandate, sold its soul to the fake Gandhi dynasty and trying to create impediments in the path of media freedom by its selective targeting of media houses.

After the Mumbai Police Commissioner did a press conference to hastily make unsubstantiated allegations against the Republic TV, its competitors such as India Today and NDTV went into a celebratory mode. But none of them might have anticipated that it would boomerang on them very badly. In fact, the police commissioner’s presser opened a pandora’s box badly exposing India Today network’s dark deeds. It came to light that contrary to what the Polic Commissioner claimed, India Today channel was named in the FIR filed, and it also came to light that the channel was even penalized on a previous occasion for indulging in irregularities. After these revelations saw the light, the India Today network went into hiding. Amidst all the cacophony, NDTV was completely ignored because nobody even cares to watch it anymore.

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswamy, who is well-known for going ballistic in his Primetime debates, earned a great reputation for his unrelenting nationalistic stance. His pro-nationalist stance endeared him to scores of people, who are fed up with left-infested media.

There is a massive change in the country. The ongoing ideological war in the society has entered the newsrooms. The new creed of nationalist journos started challenging the hitherto strong leftist journos to end their hegemony. Though change is imminent in Indian journalism, people never thought that the change would happen through street fights and ugly spats.

The legacy media houses that are infested with left-Islamist propagandists must realize the fact that if they really want to improve their TRPs, they need to stop peddling false narratives and promoting the Gandhi dynasty, which lost its relevance. They must also stop giving space to people who try to foment trouble and trigger riots by exploiting caste and religious fault lines. If they continue to run their agenda-driven journalism, they will further lose their credibility and face the danger of sinking into oblivion.

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