Money, Sex And God


Well, I did not meditate under any Peepal tree, but still attained enlightenment. Not in any spiritual way but in a ‘derisive’ materialistic way as I kept on drifting towards more and more godlessness. Now you may ask what the findings of my enlightenment are. There are three ultimate truths that we all face during our ephemeral existence in this seemingly perpetual world. They are money, sex and of course death. Humans, during their ‘out, out, brief candle’ existence, pursue money and sex passionately till they reach death, their ultimate destination.

Money, as all of us are aware, can buy us almost everything except that it can’t buy one more day when one is terminally ill and reached the dead end of his or her life.

As far as sex is concerned, I’m tempted to quote from Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) in which the male protagonist says, “There is joy in three things: eating meat, riding meat, and putting meat into the meat.”

Maybe that is why the so-called Yogis aka godmen, though they teach their disciples to renounce the worldly things, prefer to immerse themselves in black money and sexual exploitation of the female inmates.  Why don’t these godmen, who claim themselves to be the messengers of God, fear God? Maybe because they are very well aware of the fact that God is actually non-existent or even if he exists he is essentially powerless, therefore they are fully assured that he can’t do anything to stop their atrocities.

Why do shrines, irrespective of the religion they belong to, are becoming the centers of financial and sexual crimes? Many Vatican officials are charged with financial and sexual crimes and removed from their positions. Islamic fundamentalists, in their pursuit of political objectives, sell women as sex slaves and also indulge in drug trafficking to make money. If God really exists why is he not able to show his miracles to dissuade his messengers and representatives from committing all the atrocities they are committing?

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