At last 140 civilians lost their lives in the well coordinated attacks launched by the Islamists.

At least 140 innocent civilians lost their lives in the well-coordinated attacks carried out by the Islamists.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, popularly known as ISIS, unleashed terror in Paris and created mayhem, that too in the name of religion. Around 150 innocent people, who were moving ahead with their daily lives and oblivious to the ‘satanic’ spirits lurking right around them, lost their lives. This is not the first time the Islamic terrorists took the precious lives of innocent people. The Paris attack is only a part of a long series of attacks carried out by the Islamic extremists, who want to establish the Islamic hegemony all over the world.

As usual, after the Paris terror attack, the left-liberals and other Islamic apologists started paying lip service to the victims, that too reluctantly, and spending most of their energies on defending the radical Islam. People are fed up with the phrases like ‘Islam is a religion of peace’,  ‘Islam doesn’t have anything to do with terror’, ‘My name is  Khan but I’m not a terrorist’ etc. People are only fearing for their lives and the lives of their children, and wondering whether this ceaseless bloodbath unleashed by the Islamic terrorists will ever come to an end.

French president Francois Hollande, while addressing the media near the site of the largest loss of life, had  promised a merciless fight from a united France.

“And our fight will be merciless, because these terrorists that are capable of such atrocities need to know that they will be confronted by a France that is determined, unified and together.”

Even Pope Francis, the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, warned of an impending Third World War. In fact, he says that it has already started… at least in a piecemeal fashion.

“Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.”

Pope warns on piecemeal World War III

Pope warns on piecemeal World War III

You may wonder why the Christian west always reacts in a ferocious manner after their citizens die in a terror attack. The  West, unlike India, feels that the lives of their citizens are very precious. We often hear American president saying ‘American lives are not expendable’. We all saw what happened after the World Trade Centre attacks, and how the US had bombed the countries which it felt were responsible for the attacks. When hundreds died in the terrorist-triggered bomb explosions in India, we silently disposed-off their dead bodies, washed off the blood stains, and moved ahead cursing our fate, even while the west preached us about tolerance.   However, the west is not so weak and meek. They have the money power as well as the muscle power to attack their enemies. So we can safely predict a massive retaliation from the west.

ISIS, the dreaded and obnoxious terrorist organization, uses heinous methods to kill and torture people.

ISIS, the dreaded and obnoxious terrorist organization, uses heinous methods to kill and torture people.

Now what will happen? There is every likelihood of all the European nations, combined together with the US, will launch air strikes against the ISIS. The ISIS, being a dreaded and morally degraded terrorist organization, will not hesitate to use civilians, especially the women and children, as their shields. That is when exactly the left-liberal media will become hyperactive and flash the images of the dead bodies of women and children all across the world, which will fuel the Islamic rage all over the world.  So rage will fuel the rage and the wounds, instead of healing, will only aggravate into a life-threatening sepsis, which may eventually threaten the very existence of humanity on this earth. In fact, that is exactly the kind of situation the Islamic State wants to create to nail the west. So it remains to be seen whether the west will fall into the well-laid trap of the  ISIS or follow a more astute path to combat the terror organization. Even if the west manages to weaken or finish off the ISIS, it will only be replaced by a more dreaded and obnoxious terror organization. In fact that was what exactly happened with Al-Qaeda, founded by Osama bin Laden. After the death of Osama, the organization got weakened and the void was filled by the ISIS within no time. So the sepsis continues to threaten the existence of the humankind.

Political scientist Samuel P. Huntington predicted that the Christian west and the Islam will eventually clash.

Political scientist Samuel P. Huntington predicted that the Christian West and the Islam will eventually clash.

The developments that are taking place in the world are pushing the humanity towards an extremely precarious situation. Will the Samuel P. Huntington’s thesis of a civilizational clash become a reality?  Huntington predicted a clash between the Christian west and the Islam as they both are supremacist religions, which claim spiritual superiority over each other and try to win converts from other religions. The present developments in the world are pointing towards a clash of civilizations, which may indeed turn out to be a death knell to the whole of humankind.

The present situation demands a group of statesmen, who have the capability to comprehend the situation in a proper perspective and come up with innovative ideas to reconcile the distinct aspirations of the different cultures and restore lasting peace on this earth. Well, do we have such statesmen?

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