The migrant crisis in Europe has been consistently hitting headlines for over a year. Many unsuspecting people believe that poor Muslims from war-torn countries like Syria and Libya, who are persecuted and deprived of their livelihoods, are seeking asylum in Europe. However, it may only be partially true.  If we closely analyze the events that have been taking place over some years, the phenomenon of migration actually sends ominous signals to the future of Europe. Let us have a brief review of the statements made by some people and organizations and the events that have been happening in Europe after the refugee influx started.

On 18th Feb 2015, many newspapers reported that the Islamic state, which is widely known as ISIS, has threatened Europe to flood it with half a million immigrants from Libya. They claimed that the immigrants will act as a ‘psychological weapon’ against Europe.

According to International Organization for Migration, over a million irregular migrants and refugees have entered Europe in 2015. However, this figure of one million is hotly contested.

Pamela Geller, the well-known American political activist and commentator says…

Apparently the numbers that they’ve been selling to their unsuspecting populations are wrong by at least four million. The latest invasion reflects a truer number of five million, not one million — five million invaders. If that’s not war, what is?

Now many thinkers ask the question whether ISIS, the incredibly brutal, obnoxious and apocalyptic regime, achieved overwhelming success in invading Europe with its foot soldiers in the garb of asylum seekers. One may ask how anyone can suspect the intentions of the ‘asylum seekers’. Experts say that normally people who escape war and persecution seek asylum along with their families. However, according to the news reports very small percentage of the so-called asylum seekers actually crossed the borders along with their wives and children.

The western media went overboard in campaigning in support of the so-called refugees. The whole of Europe may have to pay a heavy price for their foolishness.

The western media went overboard in campaigning in support of the so-called refugees. The whole of Europe may have to pay a heavy price for their foolishness.

Normally when the word ‘refugee’ comes to our mind we visualize an image of people who arrive with their families malnourished, poorly clothed with hardly any possessions. However, most of the so-called refugees are very young, healthy and well-fed and were also carrying hi-end smartphones and some media reports even say that many of them had a fair amount of money in their pockets. The western media, which is habituated to brand everyone who questions Islamism as an ‘Islamophobe’, acted as the propagandists for the so-called asylum seekers. They kept publishing some select images to create a favorable atmosphere for them to invade Europe.

There are many political activists and thinkers who are against the Islamisation of Europe. They predict that the refugee influx, if continues unabated, will turn Europe into ‘Eurabia’. They fear that their liberal democracies, which value liberty and freedom, will be exposed to the draconian ‘Sharia’ laws, which will throw them into a hellhole. Activists like Tommy Robinson and Pamela Geller are raising their voice against the Islamic invasion of Europe but their voices are submerged in the melee of the Main Stream Media’s cry for more refugees.

When the three-year-old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi drowned while his family was trying to illegally sneak into Europe, his dead body was photographed with his face down on a Mediterranean beach. The image went viral and managed to garner wide-spread sympathy for the so-called refugees. However, the photograph may well prove to be a death knell for Europe. The most important thing that concerns the western thinkers, who are apprehensive of this Islamic invasion, is the people who are flocking into Europe are all from the countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and some other African countries. None of these countries have any democratic traditions and they are all thoroughly lumpenized societies with scant regard for human rights and religious tolerance. They might not be holding any weapons in their hands but they may very well prove to be the potential weapons for the Islamic State. All these people are socially, politically, culturally, ideologically and even economically completely incompatible with Europeans.

Moreover, history clearly states that Muslims, wherever they go, don’t mingle with the native people and invariably enter into a conflict with them. As a matter of fact, Muslims can’t even tolerate the presence of their fellow Muslims and that is the reason the whole of the Islamic world is immersed in complete chaos and ceaseless violence. Almost all the Islamic countries are war torn and violence-ridden. Though some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia appear to be peaceful, they are not actually peaceful and they are the ones who finance the terror activities all over the world. Moreover, it is not clear how many of the Egyptian Coptic Christians and the Yezidis of Iraq, who are at the receiving end of the Islamic persecution, are allowed to migrate to Europe.

We see all over the world a particular trend, that is wherever Muslims become a majority, they drive away all the minorities. Whether they are Hindu Pandits in Kashmir, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan or Yezidis in Iraq, they all point to the same direction. Once Muslims become a majority, they invariably persecute the followers of other religions and drive them away to build ‘Darul Islam’.  Their aim is to build an Islamic ‘Caliphate’ and eventually dominate the world. The Muslim preachers like Anjum Choudhary blatantly proclaim this plan. It is puzzling to note how the westerners, who are considered to be sharp thinkers, are not able to foresee the impending danger and silently allowing the mass migration which could very well prove to be a huge headache to the whole of Europe.

Some of the European countries like Germany and Sweden have taken a lead in welcoming the so-called refugees.  German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in her over enthusiasm to prove herself as the champion of the refugees, is following an open-door policy towards them.  However, the eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are reluctant to take in the refugees and opposed the indiscriminate immigration. The Schengen Agreement, which allows the Europeans to travel throughout the continent of Europe without and visa, has now come under strain. There are many European nations, which are apprehensive of the Islamisation of their countries, are imposing border controls.

Even while the so-called asylum seekers were flocking into Europe in large numbers a Muslim clergyman has shown his true colours. Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, One of the top Imams of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam, during his Friday address, exhorted the Muslims to enter Europe in large numbers and breed children with Europeans so that the whole continent could be conquered and included in the impending Caliphate.

The ISIS-led Islamists are even citing some Quranic verses which exhort Muslims to undertake immigration with the intention of spreading their religion.  “Whoever emigrates for the cause of God will find man places of refuge in the land and plentiful provision. Those who leave home for the cause of God and His messenger; but is then overtaken by death, shall he recompensed by God. God is most forgiving and ever-merciful.” (The Holy Quran; Al-Nisa Verse: 100)

On the New Year eve, in the German city of cologne, hundreds of girls were sexually attacked and were almost raped by the Muslim hordes. Germany, a nation which has never experienced such incidents, was truly shocked. Even the police were hesitant to act against them fearing being branded as racist and Islamophobes. Initially, the authorizes ignored and underestimated the magnitude of the chaos and sexual violence, but as the days passed by, the chilling facts started surfacing. Now the German women started buying pepper spray and many householders even started acquiring firearms for their self-defense. So the situation has deteriorated so fast, and in future, it will further deteriorate.  The German chancellor Angela Merkel may very well go down in the history as a devil, who effectively sealed the fate of Germany by showing over enthusiasm in letting dangerous elements in the garb of asylum seekers into her country. The Saudi Arabia, which is the mother of all the Islamic terror, is getting ready to finance over 200 mosques for all the Muslims who entered Germany.

Muslims all over Britain are establishing the Sharia Zones , where Islamic laws are enforced. Picture By: David New

Muslims all over Britain are establishing the Sharia Zones, where Islamic laws are enforced. Picture by: David New

Europe is already finding it difficult to deal with radical Islam and there are many ‘Sharia’ zones in Europe and Americas, where Islamic laws are enforced. Radical preachers are indoctrinating and encouraging Muslims to join ‘Jihad’ and fight against the west to establish Islamic supremacy. They are already insulting Christians by calling them infidels and pork eaters, and they are even going to the extent of calling the western women as sluts and whores who invite rape. Any person with the minimum amount of common sense can predict the dangers of inviting people from the failed Islamic countries. But the leaders of Europe appear to be not concerned.

The fate of Europe was in fact predicted by the deposed Libyan leader  Muammar Gaddafi in a speech delivered on 23 March 2006. He stated that “we have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”. On another occasion, he predicted that the whole of Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos. It appears that his prophecies are coming true.

So, in an essence, all the signs are appearing ominous and pointing towards an impending disaster. This mass migration may even push this world on to the brink of Clash of Civilizations professed by Samuel P. Huntington. The only thing we peace loving people can do is to pray to God that no such thing will happen to the humanity.

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