Uncle Sam lost his moral high ground. (Image Courtesy: Google Images)

Uncle Sam never loses any opportunity to pontificate other nations. They have a penchant for poking their noses into the internal affairs of other countries. They always feel that theirs is the only liberal democracy which respects human rights and human dignity, and therefore, they have an inherent moral high ground to preach the rest of the world on the values the humankind cherishes.

Whenever they want to attack and invade some other country they accuse the other country of human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Their strategy is akin to branding a dog rabies infected before killing it.

However, the recent developments in the US are causing a lot of embarrassment to its leaders. In January 2015, influenced by the media’s manufactured intolerance debate in India, Barack Hussein Obama chastened the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and pontificated him about the necessity of cultivating a tolerant society.


Obama preached India on tolerance.

The Indian Main Stream Media (MSM) celebrated his sermon in the most gleeful manner possible, publishing his sermon just below the mastheads of their newspapers. The left liberals in India, who turned ecstatic at the Obama’s intervention, produced abundant quantities of articles expressing instantaneous sync with his wisdom and played their part in castigating Modi for driving India towards ‘disaster’.

Okay, agreed. India, being a pathologically intolerant country, where genocides, which could well be equated to the Nazi holocaust, happen on a regular basis.

Now let’s cast a look at the recent happenings in the inherently liberal democratic society, which is an epitome of human progress and dignity, that is worthy of attracting the paeans of praise forever.

Donald J. Trump is politically incorrect.

Donald J. Trump is politically incorrect. (Photo: Reuters)

We have been hearing numerous incidents of police atrocities against blacks in the US. The places of worship like the Mosques and Gurdwaras are vandalized. Even the Sikhs, who wear turbans, are mistaken for Muslims and attacked. The media reports say that there is an alarming rise in the anti-Muslim hate crimes in the US, especially after Paris attacks and the San Bernardino massacre. The New York Times newspaper reports that the hate crimes in the United Sates have almost tripled.


An Islamic homework triggered furor.

A teacher who gave Islamic homework to her students is at the receiving end. It seems she asked her students to reproduce the calligraphy from an Islamic scriptural text to enable them to broaden their understanding of its artistic qualities. That’s all. There was a huge furor and it made the authorities to temporarily shut down all schools in Virginia County. Can we imagine a mere Islamic homework triggering such a ferocious reaction in India from the people? Even if it had, our media would have termed the action of the teacher as an effort to ‘civilize’ the humanity and would have showered a profusion of praise on her.

[pullquote]Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.[/pullquote]

The most interesting development, which made the entire world stop and take notice, is the anti-Muslim statements made by the presidential aspirant, Donald Trump. He called for barring all Muslims from entering the United States. He said, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”. Can we even imagine a Prime Ministerial aspirant in India talking on similar lines? If anybody does, he gets a notice from the Election Commission and such words effectively put a lid on his political career. But it is America. So trump triumphs. And do you know about the kind of support Trump is getting from the American electorate? According to the newspaper reports, it is overwhelming.

Now, what do Obama and his advisors say? Will Modi turn the tables on Obama by giving a session on Indian tolerance, which, even after enduring so many violent invasions, pogroms and destruction of temples, still stands tall?

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