If there is one leader who effectively utilizes social media, it is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is very well aware of the fact that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is against him and hardly writes or shows anything good about him. He rarely gives an interview to Indian media organizations as he is well aware of the fact that Indian media doesn’t have any questions to ask him except about 2002. He appears to have given up all his hopes on the MSM and depends largely on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to the people of the country. Of late, he even started using radio, through the popular programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, to convey his feelings and ideas to the people. The great thing is all his interactions that happen as part of his social media outreach are apolitical and pay attention to some burning socio-economic issues.

When we think about Social Media, the first things that come to our mind are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, to a great extent, has become a platform to share personal things and has lost its sheen as an arena to convey one’s ideas and opinions. The microblogging site Twitter managed to outsmart Facebook in this aspect and has become a platform to share ideas on different social, political and economic thoughts, that too in real-time. People, who are serious about ideas, are taking to twitter to express themselves.

Twitterati Appears To Be Disillusioned With Modi Government. #Narendra Click To Tweet

Twitter has become a platform for the ever intensifying ideological struggle the country and even the entire world is witnessing. Twitterati in India is divided into mainly two groups. They are derisively called as ‘Bhakts’ and ‘Dynasty Slaves’ by each other. ‘Bhakts’ constitute all those who support Modi and his government and the ‘Dynasty Slaves’ are those who keep licking the boots of the ‘first family’. Of late even the Commie traitors are also considered as part of this group. The ideological struggle continues ceaselessly and often these groups attack each other viciously and troll each other at the slightest opportunity. So far the ‘Bhakts’ have a clear upper hand by attacking their opponents just like how wolf packs do. The usual parlance used by them is Commies, libtards, dynasty crooks, dynasty slaves, Sickulars, Presstitutes etcetera. Almost all the Commie traitors and media crooks have tasted their vicious attacks.

However, some disillusionment among the tweeters who support Modi government is clearly perceptible. If we observe the tweets of some nationalist tweeters like Rupa Subramanya, Gaurav Pradhan and Madhu Kishwar, they appear to be disillusioned with Modi and some of his ministers. They especially don’t like Modi government’s media policy. They strongly feel that the anti-national channels like NDTV which take a pro-Pakistan stand on many issues should be shut down. They don’t even like Modi ministers making a beeline at NDTV to give interviews to scribes like Radia scam-tainted Barkha Dutt.  They particularly abhor some channels like ABP News, Aaj Tak and Times Now which were instrumental in spreading intolerance-related lies. They frequently complain about MSM’s suppression of the positive news about the government and deliberate highlighting of some news items that adversely affect the reputation of Modi Government.

It appears that they are deeply disillusioned with Modi government’s soft handling of NDTV and some individuals who are known for their rabidly anti-Indian and anti-Hindu views. They are enraged by some of the decisions taken by some ministers in Modi government like Menaka Gandhi, who appointed Nandita Das as the ambassador for the women and child development (WCD) ministry’s campaign to save the girl child, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, who is known for her rabidly anti-Modi statements. The pro-Modi tweeters expressed their outrage over the appointment and even went to the extent of trolling the minister.

There are many pro-Modi tweeters who are disappointed with the continued popularity of Left-liberals who frequently make anti-India statements and sign the mercy petitions of terrorists. However, Modi and his ministers like Arun Jaitley, Nirmala Sitaraman and Menaka Gandhi appear to be unconcerned and go ahead with their usual appeasement politics. If the BJP overlooks the resentment among the RW Twitterati, they may lose a vital support base which played a key role in mobilizing the educated electorate during the 2014 elections.

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