Ever since Modi government took over the reins, the Sickulars, Presstitutes and Bollywood Khans have been crying from rooftops that India  has become “intolerant”. The Award Vapsi Gang, which shouldered the responsibility of pushing the ‘Intolerance Campaign’ to its zenith, announced that its mission has been accomplished. However, the event that happened in JNU shows you how infinitely tolerant India has become that it even tolerates grossly seditious activities happening in one of the universities that functions on taxpayers money.

The anti-national event organized by Commies and Islamist at JNU.

The anti-national event organized by the Commies and Islamists at JNU.

In one of my previous blog posts I mentioned that Commies and Islamists are like siamese twins. In India, wherever there are Commies there are Islamists and wherever there are Islamists there are Commies. The event that happened in JNU is a joint production of the Commie and Islamist traitors.

The Commie and Islamist thugs at JNU shouted “Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jang Rahegi”. Click To Tweet

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), which is considered to be one of the prestigious central universities in the country, located in New Delhi.

Event: An event to mark the so-called “martyrdom” of Afzal Guru, who attacked the temple of India’s democracy, the Indian Parliament.

Organizers: Commie and Islamist traitors

A Commie students organization called DSU (Democratic Students Union) and Kashmiri separatists organized the event. Other Commie organizations like SFI, AISF and AISA supported them.

What actually happened?

Some Commie and Islamist traitors, who feed on taxpayers money and enjoy all the facilities and scholarships provided by the nation, sought permission to organize a ‘cultural event’ on the campus. Unaware of their sinister intentions, the university authorities granted them permission. A nationalist students organization called ABVP, which knew their true intentions, lodged a complaint and the university authorities cancelled the permission. However, in spite of the cancellation, the thugs went ahead with their obnoxious and grossly traitorous act of paying homage to the terrorist, Afzal Guru, who got convicted for attacking Indian Parliament and executed for his heinous crime. And the traitors paid homage to their fellow deceased traitor and in the process revealed their true colours. The slogans they shouted made the whole nation feel dumbfounded.

Here are the slogans they gave at the JNU:

Go India Go Back

Pakistan Zindabad

Tum Kitne Afzal Maroge… Ghar Ghar Se Afzal Niklega.

(How Many Afzals Will You Kill…Every Household Will Produce An Afzal)

Tum Na Doge Azadi… Ladke Lenge Azadi

Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak Jang Rahegi Jang Rahegi…

Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jang Rahegi…

(We take a wow that till India is destroyed we will continue to fight)

Afzal, Ham Tumhare Armanonko Manzil Tak Pahunchayenge

(Afzal, till we achieve your aspirations, we will continue to fight.)

Here is the video evidence of the traitorous slogan shouting.

After hearing the atrocious sloganeering of Commies and Islamists,  the students associated with ABVP objected to the grossly traitours event. The Commie and Islamist thugs assaulted the students of ABVP and continued with their anti-India rant.

Students of ABVP protesting against the atrocious activities of the Commie and Islamists.

Students of ABVP protesting against the atrocious activities of the Commies and Islamists.

At a time when our soldiers are sacrificing their lives in Siachin the Commie thugs decided to destroy India.

At a time when our soldiers are sacrificing their lives in Siachen, the Commie and Islamist thugs decided to destroy India. Courtesy: Satish Acharya.

JNU, which has become a leftist cesspool, keeps spreading the Commie filth ceaselessly. And they consider themselves as “intellectuals”. In the garb of intellectualism they actually spread half-literate ideas that too at a time when our soldiers at the borders are sacrificing their lives for the sake of the country. It is indeed shameful that these Commie and Islamist traitors were indulging in seditious sloganeering exactly when Lance Naik Hanumanthappa, who spent 6 days buried under a heap of snow in Siachin, was struggling for his life.

Now the moot question is once they accomplish their mission of “Bharat Ki Barbadi” where will all these thugs go? No nation will accept these half-literate, traitorous thugs. They all become eligible only to be recruited by the incredibly brutal and obnoxious terror organization called ISIS. The ISIS people are frantically searching all over the world for recruits, unaware of the fact that they have so many ideologically compliant human resources available at JNU who are ready to be inducted without any need for further training.

This is not the first time JNU has become a venue for the anti-national activities. The traitors of JNU celebrated the massacre of 76 CRPF men by the Maoists in Dantewada. In fact, they celebrate each and every incident that is perceived to have gone against India and the idea of India.  Their actions are a disgrace to the nation. They bring ignominy upon the nation. The right thinking people of the country are exasperated with their activities and have completely run of out patience. There is something seriously wrong with JNU and if the union government doesn’t take urgent measures to reform the way it functions, it will definitely sow the seeds for the dismemberment of the country.

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