Rohith Vemula’s suicide incident refuses to die down. Some political parties and groups strongly feel that keeping his death alive is in the best interests of their political future. For many political parties, the suicide of Rohith Vemula is not merely a death. For them, it is a profitable death. They think that his death has the potential to fetch them very rich political dividends and therefore, playing dangerous politics over his suicide. The media in the country joined them in spreading canards and in the resultant din and tumult the truth got buried very deeply.

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Where did the entire problem start?

The entire problem started with the anti-India activities and the deliberate attempts that were made to spread anti-India sentiments in the University of Hyderabad. Some people still argue that freedom of expression is a fundamental right and should not be curbed. Yes. We all fully agree with that view and everybody must have the freedom to express. However, every freedom comes with some responsibly. Does freedom of expression allow you to live in a country and make efforts for the dismemberment of the same country? Does freedom of expression allow you to glorify a terrorist who masterminded the attack on the Indian parliament, which we all consider as the temple of our democracy?

Let every Indian be very clear about the fact that the entire problem started with the anti-India sloganeering that occurred on the campus of the University of Hyderabad. Now one may say that mere sloganeering can’t cause any harm to the country. If you are of that opinion, one more important thing should be brought to your notice. The slogans were raised by a group that seeks to bring together two deadly ideologies – Communism and Jihadism. It is a deadly cocktail which is creating mayhem all over the world and creating instability in many countries around the world. According to news reports the two prominent slogans that were raised at the UoH were:

“Tum Kitne Yakub Maroge Ghar Ghar Se Yakub Niklega”
“Yakub, Tere Khoon Se Inquilab Ayega”

CZJyEfzUYAEGNIlThey wanted every household to produce an Afzal, a dreaded terrorist who masterminded the attack on parliament. You may wonder whether they are mad. No they are not definitely mad. They have a definite agenda and their agenda is to promote the dismemberment of the country. Their agenda is to destroy the country. They want the whole of India to turn into a sea of chaos.
And Rohith Vemula was part of that group which offered prayers (Namaz) to pay tribute to Yakub Memon, glorified him and raised anti-India slogans.
You see how the virus spreads.
The anti-India slogans were first raised on the University of Hyderabad campus. Politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Sitaram Yechuri visit the UoH campus and provoke the students.
Then they spread to the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Once again politicians and human rights activists express their solidarity with the students.
Then they spread to Jadhavpur University in West Bengal. The virus may continue to spread to new areas.

Why did Rohith Vemula commit suicide?

After the anti-India slogans were raised, a student called Sushil Kumar, who is associated with ABVP, objected to their grossly traitorous activities and condemned their behavior through a facebook post. Okay. Do you think that Sushil has done something wrong? People have a right to glorify a terrorist, who was given a death sentence for his heinous crime by none other than the Supreme Court, the highest body of the judiciary, but a student called Sushil Kumar doesn’t have a right to condemn the anti-national activities that are detrimental to the interest of the country? What kind of an argument is this?

Rohith and his friends thought that Sushil has committed a crime by condemning their actions. So they physically assaulted Sushil and even forced him to write an apology letter for criticizing them. What exactly do you call this kind of behavior? Isn’t it hooliganism? Communists always harp on democracy and free expression. It is another matter that they are the most authoritarian kind of people and they rarely tolerate dissent. The moment communism comes to our mind we recollect three figures- Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao, who are responsible for the ‘Red Holocaust’. Rohith and his friends are a hooligan brigade, who physically assaulted their ideological rival, Sushil Kumar, just because he opposed their seditious activities and sloganeering. So it is very clear that the Communists and the Jihadists always believe that right to dissent is their exclusive privilege, which no one else could qualify to enjoy.

First they indulge in treason and when questioned they resort to violence and when the university authorities take action they claim themselves to be ‘Dalits’ and cry foul. And the politicians, without second thoughts, rush to universities to provoke students just to fulfill their narrow political interests. This is a vicious circle.

If blatantly glorifying a terrorist and wishing the emergence of a Yakub from each and every household is not treason, nothing else on this earth could be termed as treason. Another question that comes to mind is does glorifying Yakub amount to contempt of court? Certainly is. Because it was the Supreme Court which sentenced Yakub to death. So glorying a dreaded terrorist, who was sent to the gallows by the Supreme Court, certainly amounts to contempt of court.

The university authorities took action against Rohith for assaulting his fellow student and inflicting injuries on him. Then Rohith and his ideological associates started playing ‘dalit’ card. So what does this mean? Do they expect the university authorities to see whether the offenders hold a ‘Dalit’ tag before they take action against any hooligans?

After the university authorities acted against him, Rohith slipped into depression and eventually committed suicide. Now the questions that arise are how a student, who is very aggressive by nature and would not hesitate to physically assault his ideological opponents, lost heart very easily? Clinical depression, which triggers suicidal thoughts, definitely manifests some externally observable symptoms. So how come Rohit’s friends, who are all research scholars, failed to sense the impending danger and lend a helping hand to him?

What is the link between Rohith and Jihadists?

screencapture-www-hindustantimes-com-india-presence-of-rohith-vemula-s-kin-in-muslim-league-rally-baffles-leaders-story-Bco9CJEWRySfzfoWdQt8NO-html-1456639609996The link between Rohith and Jihadists is not an isolated case. It is a world-wide trend. All the world over Communists and Jihadists are ganging up to create unrest and to promote instability. As I have already mentioned in many of my previous blog posts, whenever and wherever there is an Islamist terror attack communists are the first ones to come out to defend the Jihadists.
So Rohith, who was indoctrinated by communists, became a natural ally of Jihadists. And even after Rohith’s death, his mother and brother are continuing his legacy and maintaining cordial relations with the Jihadists. They recently participated in a Muslim League rally held in Kerala. Some newspapers published the news and claimed that they are baffled by the behaviour of the family members of Rohith. If you are baffled by the behavior of Rohith’s family, you are obviously an innocent.

Fudged caste certificate.

Initially, there were reports that Rohith’s caste certificated is disputed. However, now there are clear indications saying that he was not a Dalit at all. Rohith’s mother has been claiming that she is a Dalit. However, the latest reports state that even the status of Rohith’s mother is not that of a Dalit. It is a clear case where Rohith got his certificate fudged in order to derive the benefits of reservation. You may ask that what is the need of raising the issue of his caste? It is too important to be ignored. Had Rohith not claimed himself to be a Dalit, all this controversy would not have arisen and our politicians would not have played politics over his dead body. So the issue of caste is very important and it has been proved beyond doubt that Rohith was not a Dalit. There are news reports saying that Rohith and his mother were even converted to Christianity.

Now Rohith’s mother is on a political tourism. She became popular overnight and attended Muslim League rally. She even visited Delhi and held a press conference and demanded Rs 50 lakh as compensation and a job for her younger son, that too in the University of Hyderabad.

If we closely observe the incidents that took place in UoH and JNU, it becomes very clear that there are attempts that are being made by some politicians, human rights groups, and NGOs to cause the dismemberment of the country. We, the people of the country, should remain ever vigilant against their nefarious designs. Otherwise, our country will soon turn into a sea of chaos and bloodshed. The people who shout “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge…Insha Allah Insha Allah” might have plans to go to some other country but for us Indians ‘Bharat’ is like a pond and we Indians are all fish who dwell in it. So we have nowhere else to go.

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