stone-pelters of Kashmir

Stone pelting mobs and their stone-age mentality

In this eternally ever changing world, if there is one thing that is absolutely stagnant and refuses to take even a single step forward, it is Islam. It is in the tight grip of its clergy and any criticism or suggestion for reform is invariably met with instant rage and unending violence. History is replete with episodes that stand testimony to the fact that there is no word called ‘co-existence’ in their dictionary and wherever they are in majority they invariably trigger a separatist movement.

It appears that Muslims, as a community, remain obsessed with religion 24×7 and 365 days and are slipping into ultra-conservativeness at a lightening pace even while the rest of the world is marching ahead towards a rational, liberal world, leaving behind the religion-inspired irrational thoughts. It is true that there is a minuscule minority of liberal Muslims but their voices are never heard. Writers who raise dissenting voices face ‘fatwas’ and bloggers who are critical get butchered.

The actions of the hard core Muslims has generated a lot of anxiety among the non-Muslim communities. The governments all across the world appear to have frozen into inaction in dealing with Islamic terrorism and simply ignore the concerns of non-Muslim communities by branding their fears as mere Islamophobia. There are many who opine that the threat of Islamic terror is grave and real, and if the world does not take cognizance of it and unite against it, the  consequences may well be catastrophic.

The so-called liberals and secularists are not able to muster up enough courage to denounce the Islam-inspired separatism and terrorism, and instead resort to useless obfuscation by making oft-repeated statements such as ‘terror has no religion’ and ‘Islam is the religion of peace’. Such statements reflect the reluctance of the intelligentsia to accept the hard facts.

The behavior of Muslims, in many parts of the world, has encouraged the conservative elements in other religions to promote competitive communalism in their respective communities.

If you have a close look at the Islamic world, very few countries which could be counted on fingers, are peaceful. Even among the so-called peaceful Islamic countries the ultra-rich actively indulge in terror financing. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have emerged as the terror epicenters from where all the Islamist terror radiates throughout the world. The ultra-conservative Wahhabist Islam, which gave birth to the ugly monster called ISIS is fanning the terror flames all over the world. And one of the places where the Wahhabism is spreading its tentacles is Kashmir.

At a time when the youth all over the world are getting tech-savvy to make this earth a better place to live, the Kashmiri youth are becoming increasingly stone-pelting savvy which shows the pathetic situation in terror-infested Kashmir. Pakistan, which is at the vanguard of Wahhabist terror mission, is using the situation to make India bleed profusely. Indian leadership, instead of highlighting the fact that the unrest in Kashmir is part of the larger Islamist terror game plan, is obfuscating the situation giving an opportunity to terrorists to fan separatist flames with increased vigor.

What Indian leadership needs to do is to act in a bold manner. The main problem with Kashmir is its demographics. As long as the region remains Muslim majority the problem will persist and India will continue to bleed. The only option is to encourage Indians who belong to different religious communities-Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists – to go to Kashmir and settle over there so that the terror-friendly demographics change. Until unless that is done there will be no real change in the ground situation and India will only be wasting its precious human and material resources on combating terror. In this respect India can take a leaf out of China’s book. China, which is facing the problem of separatist movement in Xinjiang province has actively promoted the migration of Hun Chinese into the region to disturb the terror-friendly demographics. Indian leaders, if they are strong-willed, can replicate the same even in India.

There are some countries, especially the Islamic theocracies, which are trying to give legitimacy to the terrorism in Kashmir and portray it as a freedom struggle. The world community must realize the fact that the stone pelting mobs in Kashmir represent the very forces that want to take this world back to stone ages. Any attempt to give even an iota of legitimacy to these stone pelting barbarians will break the very backbone of this world’s struggle against terror and will only turn this mother earth into a sea of chaos.